Daraz & Infinix Celebrate 1 Year of Partnership With ‘Infinix Month’

Daraz is celebrating Infinix Month in celebration of its one year partnership with Infinix, the smartphone maker.

Today, Infinix is a brand that is synonymous with affordability, with a good foothold in the Pakistani market. Daraz has given Infinix a strong foothold with its distribution networks and deep market penetration.

The collaboration between the two companies has proved fruitful as Infinix phones are sold with high-end tech specs and an affordable price tag that was previously reserved for a niche market and sold at the highest premium by other phone makers.

Infinix’s phones strike the right balance between quality and price given the budget-conscious Pakistani consumer.  The company’s Smartphones have been priced at Daraz at affordable rates while their phones compete with the leading brand names at a fraction of their price. This explains their popularity.

Whether it is the powerful Infinix Zero 3, the phablet Infinix Note 2 or the selfie-focused Infinix Hot 3, the phones have what it takes to sell themselves to the consumer. The company has released a range of phones that cater to each price category, size variations and each characteristic that could constitute smartphone demand. Whether the user is a businessman aiming to perform high powered actions to grow their own businesses on the go, a teenager that is constantly texting their gang of friends or a tech geek trying to have the fastest machine fit in their palms, Infinix has them all covered.

The biggest achievement of the company however has been connecting with everyone in the market with their smartphones irrespective of any affordability or brand loyalty issues. With Daraz, Infinix has even connected towns and rural villages that previously would never have the ability or markets to provide such high tech smartphones.

The Infinix Month is a celebration of the achievements of the past and the achievements of the future as Daraz and Infinix Mobility celebrate a year of partnership and many more to come.

  • I like them, these are great, so far used hot note, zero 2, hot 3, note 2 all are exceptional

  • Shokar ha admin ko aqal aa gai aur us na theme is qabil ker dia ha readable ho ja….thank admin…….

  • Have been using Hot Note 2 Pro as a secondary phone for the past 10 months and I have no complaints. Its battery life is the single biggest winner. Where my G3 barely lasts 12 hours, the Note 2 can go 3-4 days, depending upon how much I use it. Hopefully, they will maintain their standards.

        • Ah, well I’m an electrical engineer so I’ve done the CPU thermal compound mod to take care of that issue, plus a few other things like using a custom kernel etc. So my phone is petty much cool as a cucumber all the time.

          I’ve also downloaded the latest G5 software, so it’s basically like using LG’s newest flagship, without paying a single cent more. ?

          • That’s some innovative stuff right there. Which kernel are you using? And while you maybe using G5’s software, I still wouldn’t bet on calling it the same as using the real thing. :D

            • It’s nothing amazing. You just need to place a drop of thermal paste below the soc on the board. You can do it yourself or get someone in the market to do it for you if you’re not comfortable playing with your phones internals. I’m using xceed kernel BTW. And I’ll say it’s better than the original because going back to a 5.2″ screen on the g5 would suck.

  • Infinix phones are no doubt quality phones with reasonable prices. The camera, battery and display. Everything is superb.

  • while their current range is appreciable , i expect to see more firepower in their upcoming phones , not to mention the low frequency of releases… they’ve released way too few phones over a long period.

    i expect them to try their hand at SD 650/652 CPUs as well as the x20 and keep the memory no less than 3 GB. a dual camera phone at a price to beat would be a pleasant surprise !

    • Nah keeping the number of phones is probably great for maintaining them. Thats the big difference between qmobile and infinix. They provide quality and support for all their phones and software updates sometimes on weekly basis. But they probably should release their next phone with alot more firepower.

  • Did I miss something? What kind of celebration is this where there is no promotion deal for the customers?
    or was there any but the writer completely forgot writing about it?

  • I am Using Infinix Pro Note from the last 10month. I have no Complain regarding this Phone. It Battery 4000mah is owesome. Benchmark of CPU and 3D Speed is too good and Price is also reasonable comparing to others phones like samsung or huawei. I think in the coming years the next mobile company is going to Top in Pakistan that is Infinix.

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