Zakat To Be Automatically Deducted from Bank Accounts with Rs. 35,557 & Above

The government has decided that Rs 35,557 will be considered as the minimum amount for nisab of Zakat this year. A notification for the same was sent by the Administrator General Zakat recently.

What is Nisab?

According to Sharia (Islamic law), nisab is the minimum amount for a Muslim’s net worth to be, so that they qualify for giving Zakat (a donation).

There are several Hadith which include formulas for calculating Zakat, including some which mention that Zakat is wajib on wealth which should be equal to either 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver which is owned for at least one year.

Zakat Deductions for Pakistanis According to the New Policy

According to the notification issued by the Administrator General Zakat, the donation will be deducted on Savings Accounts that possess a balance of more than Rs 35,557. The deductions will be made automatically on the first of Ramzan.

In addition to savings accounts, Zakat will also be deducted on Profit and Loss Sharing accounts and other similar accounts on June 7th or June 8th, depending on when the the moon is sighted.

It should be noted that the banks will remain closed on the first of Ramzan.

Concerns Have Been Raised

This move by the government is expected to raise the ire of the general public, which is already preparing itself for the massive price hikes for food items in Ramzan.

From a religious point of view, Muslims are obligated to pay Zakat but that does not mean that the government should forcibly deduct it. That decision should be left with individuals themselves.

There is also the question of accountability of the deducted Zakat, which may end up in the pockets of corrupt government officials instead of the poor and needy.

Most people would prefer to give Zakat to the poor and needy themselves instead of it being collected by the government and given to people they know nothing about, or those who may not even need it.

Via The Express Tribune

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  • Why should we pay zakat to “thief government”. better to give to some needy in relatives or in near surroundings.

  • this is not question of accountability, its what a LOT of people think , and they to make sure give zakat again.

  • Sara sar ghalat he k bank zakat katen jinka apna sara karobar sood par he, ham zakat khud mustahiq tak ponchate he bank se pata nahi kaha jata he pakistan me sare currupt log he oper haj me fraud krte he to zakat wala paisa to nazar b nahi ata hoga. Bank k through zakat hargix nahi katwani chahiye, ye gov to donetion pe b tex kathti he

    • True this govt even deducts Tax on donation. This kind of stupidity even doesn’t happen in USA.

  • Why is this bad? As far as I know, Zakat is only 2.5% right? If you have even Rs. 100,000 in the bank, it comes down to about Rs. 1,625 which is relatively nothing.

    • this amount in corrupt people’s hand is enough. at least its from our hard earned money.

      • Hahahaha XD
        And the way he says it so casually. 2.5% on net worth is not the same as 2.5% on profits. If someone has a million dollars net worth (basically everyone with a home in Islamabad), that equates to more than 2 lac ruppees per month in zakat. Good luck with that.

      • Zakat is payable on the amount greater than base value (Nisab), so 2.5% of (100,000 – ~35,000) = 1,625.

        Maybe it’s time for you to go back to school? :)

        • You clearly have no idea about math or zakat. Zakat is payable on the entire wealth, not just over the Nisaab. It doesn’t work like Tax system. Please consult any decent religious person for better guidelines, as Zakat is a “farz” component of Islam. No kidding..

          • Again, you need to do some research on your own before throwing insults. It wouldn’t make you a lesser person to admit that you made a mistake and jumped the gun before actually taking an extra second to think how the math was done.

            As for your comment on how much amount is deducted, Zakat (like most things in Islam sadly) is a widely disputed topic. Some apply it to total wealth, some to the amount in excess of Nisab that you’ve held for a full lunar year, while others have a completely different methods for calculating the amount since the actual figure and process isn’t described in the Quran.

            Again, I shouldn’t be the one to school you on this so please do some research on your own. Jumping to conclusions without covering your bases just makes you look stupid :)

      • u didnt undersdtand bhai i think you even didnt go to school for a single day
        2.5 of 1000 00 (one lakh) is 2500 rupees but his point is that after cutting the tax out of 2500 rupees the money left is 1625 anyhow never mind ramadan

    • 2.5% on profits is one thing but 2.5% on net worth is ridiculous. It means that you virtually can’t retire if this is to be enforced. For example, you save 1 crore ruppees, you will automatically lose 2.5% a year on Zakat, 10% in inflation, and we haven’t even started to discuss taxes here.

      On top of this, when Zakat was enforced, there were no taxes! So now you expect us to pay upto 50% in taxes on profits (in case of a company) and then pay 2.5% on total net worth (not income but net worth, big big difference) on top of that? And where exactly will this money go? I doubt any deserving will get a piece of it.

      • AFK bhai, aapka message thoda confusing hai. Aap government ke zakat deduct karne ke khilaf ho ya phir itself zakat ke khilaf? Please clarify…

        • Bhai current situation mein zakat ki implementation k khilaf hmary mulk mein. Is wja sy k government is taking ridiculous taxes, there is absurdly high inflation rate (probably more than 10% p.a), and so on. The way it should be is, we pay zakat, and any amount paid in zakat should be deductable from net tax bill.

          • aapki baat main sahi se samajh nahi pa raha, zakat ka net tax bill se kia taluk?

            Meri samajh tu sirf itni baat aati hai ke agar aapki milkiyat main piche pore ek saal Rs 35,557 ya is se ziyada ki maliyat ki koi extra cheez (jo zarroriyat-e-zindagi na ho) ya cash hai. Tu aapko uska 2.5% dena hai.

    • Multiply it by few thousand people and it becomes significant…this is how corruption works..accumulating seemingly small amounts for people into the hand of single person..

  • It is not understood by why there is hue and cry in general public. Zakat is being deducted since 1981, whats new now. All profit and loss sharing accounts including term deposits are liable for Zakat. However, Supreme has allowed sunny Muslims too from exemption provided they submit an Affidavit to the effect that he himself will distribute Zakat. So what new now?

    • Exactly I was about to say same. ProPK ne aise highlitght kia hai jaise koi new cheez ho aur log jinko pata nahi tha samajh rahe hai ke yeh abhi koi new cheez shuro hui hai.

      • Bilkul true. Mein khud yeh smja keh shahid ab current accounts py bhi kr dia hy, ku k savings py to kb ka yae hota hy

    • I think the government is looking to pocket the amount collected through this Zakat fund for their own interest. It seems even if you have submitted the affidavit confirming that you’d be responsible for distributing the zakat yourself, the government may be looking to forcibly collect the zakat in order to cover up whatever deficit it may have incurred prior year.

      • Sorry brother thats not possible. When Affidavit is submitted to bank its duly fed to system. If still the Zakat is deducted, the account holder can claim it back. Though, a little comber some procedure but ultimately its refunded. I do not remember the exact number of days for filing the claim. I think its around fifteen or thirty days. As your query regarding pocketing this Zakat money, the Govt could do what ever it like. Me or you could do nothing.

        • Well I had a savings account a couple of years back. Around the time of Zakat deduction, the bank informed me that either I can let them deduct zakat from my account or I could submit the aforementioned affidavit and the bank won’t deduct zakat from my account. It took longer than expected for them to go through it, so I withdrew all amount from my account a day earlier in order to prevent deduction. Nowadays, have a current account so no issue regarding this deduction whatsoever.

          This is what irks and angers me the most. There’s no accountability of where our tax money goes. There should be a transparent system of where the Government is accountable for every single penny spent.

          • keep in mind that one has to submit Zakat exemption form 30 days before Ist Ramdan, otherwise it is not accepted and Zakat is deducted.

            • Yes. That’s why I withdrew in order to prevent deduction. Later the form was accepted so no issue from then onwards.

  • What a stupid article once again.This is nothing new and has been in place since around 1980.

  • Ramadan Mubarak to all propaki team and users. May ALLAH (SWT) bless us to earn this month’s blessings and guide us to the right path in this world and hereafter. Everyone is requested to remember other fellows in their prayers.
    I request propak to display an article about start and moon sighting of holy month of Ramadan including the technology and religious aspects about moon sightings and testimony.

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        • Mery bhai zra prostitute ki definition to bta den. Stop using words without any meaning. Attention whore would have been the right word.

        • I agree with you, Aamir bhai itna tu hojata ke Ramzan Mubarak ki hi ek post hojati jahan hum sab ek dosre ko Ramzan ki mubarakbaad de dete..

  • Kuch samajh nahi aaya bhai, yeh koi new cheez tu nahi. Understood hai but agar aap zakat khud dena chahte ho tu ek affidavit dena parta hai bank main and your zakat will not be deducted. And you can distribute on your own.

  • Get your facts right Sir! Govt. (apart from the argument that it is a corrupt govt and so on) can collect Zakat forcibly if someone is liable and not willing to pay. Hazrat Abubakar Siddique (RA) used to do that, Hazrat Umer (RA), Hazrat Usman (RA) and Hazrat Ali (RA) used to do that. Question is, if we are asking Govt. no to collect, are we willing to pay?

    • Amazingly, savings account holders benefit from interest based haram profit. And when zakat is deducted, they whine. What a hypocricy. Those who say that they shall pay zakat themselves, NEVER plan to pay it in the first place.

    • Bhai facts aapke sahi hain, but please in azeem hastiyon ka naam bhi humare hukumranon ke naam ke sath lena mere nazdeek gunnah hai.

      Humare huqumraanon in hastiyon ke kadmoon ki dhool ke zaroon se bhi na aashna hain.

      • No doubt that hamaray hukmran un k kadmo ki khaak nhi, Magar iska ye matlab bhi nhi k jo kuch in azeem hastion ne kiya usay hum impossible bana k pesh karen, k dekhen na g kahan wo kahan hum, hum kahan aisa kam kr skte hain, na g na, ye to unhi ka khaasa tha. NO, a BIG NO. Unhon ne jo kiya isi liye kiya k hum bhi karen. Hope that helps.

        • Sir maine upar bhi likha tha ke aapke facts sahi hain. Mera matlab hargiz yeh nahi tha ke humain unka tareeqa apnanay ki koshish nahi karni chahiye, unhone yeh sare kaam kiye hi humari islah ke liye hain.

          Aur in jaise azeem hukumranon ke liye hum riaya ko bhi waisa hi hona parega, tab hi koi behtri aasakti hai.

  • وہ مال جو کم از کم ایک سال تک کسی کے پاس رہے اور اس کی مالیت ساڑھے7 تولہ سونا یا ساڑھے 52 تولہ چاندی کے برابر ہو اس پر زکوۃ فرض ہے۔ بنک میں کسی بھی رقم پر زکوۃ بالکل غلط ہے۔ مثال کے طور پر ، 5 جو ن کو کسی اکاونٹ میں 20 ہزار ہوں اور 7 جون کو اسے کوئی رقم بھیجے اور ااس کے پاس ایک لاکھ ہوجائیں تو بنک اس پر بھی زکوۃ کاٹ لے گا۔ حالانکہ شریعت میں ہے زکوۃ اس مال پر ہے جو کسی کے پاس ایک سال تک رہے۔

  • Another way to loot people of their money.
    This govt is getting better (at looting) as the day passes.

    Sab mil kar bolo ‘Sheer………

  • Another form of tax by this corrupt secular government which got nothing to do with Islam. Already so many unislamic taxes we are paying. May the curse of Allah be on these rulers and Allah swt grant us Khilafah Rashida soon. I am already paying Zakat so i now need to pay double as they will deduct automatically. Daakuus and Butchers!

  • Yaar aapki baat sahi hai ghareeb bhai, jo saving account rakhta hai ek tu pehle hi sood le kar gunnah gar horaha hai. And secondly agar zakat nahi de raha tu ek aur bada gunnah kar raha hai.

  • Why the hell one would like to pay zakat to government via banks & forcefully? I would be happy for not using any bank account for my payments.

  • there’s still time for y’all to come to the Light side (on pocket at least).. that is the SHIA way. come join us brethren in faith… :)

  • dear i have one question for you ,,, I have Account in Hbl Current account also deduction for zakat
    at my account my balance around 8 Lac ??????? please reply me ?

  • tell me kindly my account is saving account in this account zakat tax can be deducted if yes so how i can apply to stop?

  • As one of the Five Pillars of Islam, zakat is a religious obligation for all Muslims who meet the necessary criteria of wealth. It is not a charitable contribution, and is considered to be a tax, or obligatory alms.

    Now, You need pay, and bank has right to deduct as you have sign the form when you open a account.

  • Asalam o alaikum
    Plz help me
    Mai 1 bahot zarorat mat ho koi zakat Dana chata hai day dai.kise ja dil ma to dai day plz

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