New Islamabad Airport Should be Named After Edhi: Petition

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a name that needs no introduction. He is a humanitarian who has helped millions of people with his philanthropic efforts being recognized across the world.

In light of his services to Pakistan (and its disadvantaged), many people believe that he needs to be accorded the proper respect.

One fitting tribute would be by naming the new Islamabad Airport as Abdul Sattar Edhi airport (or any variant including his name) and there’s even a petition being brought forward by social media users in Pakistan.

Name Suggestions for New Islamabad Airport

Social media users are already thinking up of new names for the under-construction airport.

The second airport in the Federal capital is expected to be completed by December 2016, and many people believe that now’s the best time to kick start a campaign to rename it after one of the country’s most well-known humanitarians.

Some currently suggested names for the airport include:

  • Edhi International Airport
  • Abdul Sattar Edhi Airport
  • Liaquat Ali Khan Airport

Sign The Petition

Though a petition by itself can’t result in the renaming of the airport, it is nonetheless an important tool to gauge the response of the general public and their sentiments.

It can serve as the first step towards a sustained campaign, letting social media and word of mouth take care of the rest. This could force the government to consider it as a serious demand from the public that needs to be met.

For Edhi Sahib, that’s the least we can do. His untiring efforts towards tending to the poor, the sick, the orphaned and the dispossessed sections of society have no equal.

Lend your support to a worthy cause. Sign the petition here.

Let’s celebrate the man who took care of Pakistan and hope that official quarters seriously consider renaming the Islamabad Airport after Edhi Sahib.

  • This is Pakistan not UK where Govt. do act on official petitions filed by common citizens.

  • Edhi is linked with the city of Karachi, (how much time has Edhi sahib spent in Islamabad) where as Liaquat Ali Khan was our first prime minister, and he actually died here. I think LAK Airport is more suitable

  • edhi? does he post his audited accounts? does he furnish whereabouts and up-to-date data on the kids he receives? does he not keep money of value at least 2 crore inside his home? arent his ambulances used to transport arms inside Karachi? isnt his ambulance service composed of junk carry dabbas and illiterate drives with no doctor to accompany patients? arent his morgues selling bones and flesh to medical colleges etc and even jogi babas? When he encashes a name, everything that happens under that name is his liability. He might be a noble man, but his enterprise certainly isnt.
    I am amazed at wide acceptance of such a fraud and conman. Looks are deceiving. Havent we learned that already? Or, are we blinded?

    • you need to come out of that tiny hole… show us who you really are so that we can decide whether to agree with you or not.

    • It’s not Modi the butcher of Gujarat we are talking about mate! Edhi sb deserves Nobel Peace Prize for humanity

    • sale bhang peeta hai kya??? i dont know whether he had any record…but we have seen him working day and night with our own eye…..

      for your kind infirmation…those ambulances used for arms were MQMs personal…..dont associate and please let me know how may orphan have u adopted or helped poor girls to marry….. then i will let u know record kya the ya nahi…..because i am also chartered accountant!!!

    • I m sure dogs have pissed on ur your mind… the tribute given to him by high dignitaries were not fool. You r hiding ur biased mentality.

  • My guess is, it will be named Islamabad International Airport and when Zardari Blackia or Nawaza Badmash dies, after the first to die depending on which party is the ‘inherent’ ruler at the time.

  • For God sake please don’t name after the Pakistani people. Keep any English name. We already called backward and conservatives, we should be moderate and associate ourselves to English society that we are inherited from. I suggest Greenfield Airport Islamabad.

  • For once can you people unite on anything at all?
    Just sign the petition end of the story. Huna nahi huna is something else.
    Stupid keyboard ninjas always argueing on every post.
    No wonder this nation is doomed by its own people.

  • Every one iz making joke out of, have a some shame and respect for Edhi. Dont forget hum sab ne b mrna hy

  • Every one iz making joke out of it, have some shame and if u cant perform such charity welfare works then at least have respect for Edhi. Dont forget hum sab ne b mrna hy

  • The public can CARRY ON DREAMING!
    Name me 1 such petition in Pakistan when the government listened to the public.
    It is a scam under the disguise of s democracy

  • The airport should be named after Eidi sahib.Mr Eidi has done more good then any of so called leaders can ever do,he always lived to serve the poor and the needy and died doing that throughout his life.Our politicians just live for themselves earn for themselves

  • This airport has already been named as Liaqat Ali Khan International airport. ( pl see google maps)A Government notification has been issued naming this airport after Shaheed-e-Milat Liaqat Ali Khan the first prime minister of Pakistan, right hand man of Quaid-e-Azam and one of the founding fathers of Pakistan movement. No disrespect is meant for Abdul Sattar Edhi, a great man but it is suggested that some other suitable national monument should be named after him.

  • it’s better to name after that city. like Islamabad International Airport. kitni dafa name change krty rahengy?

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