Huawei Is Working On An OS to Compete With Android

If history has told us anything, it is that efforts by companies to break away from major operating systems have almost always failed. More recently, it happened with Samsung when it allegedly tried to break away from Android with its own Tizen OS.

Now, reports have emerged that Huawei could be following the same path as Samsung and is reportedly developing an operating system for its smartphones.

The Chinese giant could turn exclusively towards its OS for security should Google decide to clamp down on Android with restrictions.

Huawei currently uses customized version of Android with its own skin, EMUI, which has earned its own critics who have chastised it for feeling too much like iOS. To get rid of such feelings, Huawei is additionally hiring former Apple designer Abigail Brody to help with the overhaul.

Brody would start by bringing newer icons, a fresh colour palette and the app drawer. She is reportedly looking in the direction of nature for inspiration. All of these efforts could be vital if the company has to gain a major chunk of the Western Market.

Ultimately, Huawei could use its OS to contribute to the Internet of Things vision and like Samsung use it exclusively for appliances and wearables but it is too early to start speculating just yet.

  • If it doesn’t have full compatibility with apk no not compatible it doesn’t run apk like or faster than Android it’s a big downfall for company however things can be different if they limit their OS to China who don’t use Google services

  • great and there’s nothing wrong with trying to create an OS of one’s own. that’s creativity. But things that matters are the idea of market. the goal should be to make thing adaptable. an addict will never like anything new but an open mind person will dig it. ps they should flood the app store first for that OS with all the most wanted apps. but no BS like blackberry did ( to make compatible with android apps. crap!).

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