Mobilink Outsources its Contact Centers in Islamabad and Karachi

Mobilink has completed the process of outsourcing its contact centers in Islamabad and Karachi to Ibex Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘The Resource Group’ (TRG) International and Mindbridge.

The deal will see Ibex Global retain Mobilink’s current contact center staff on similar financial remunerations, and Mobilink has ensured that there will be no loss of jobs.

The move follows an industry-wide practice to outsource portions of customer care services for better operational efficiency and improved customer experiences.

Speaking about this decision, Aamir Ibrahim, CCO – Mobilink, stated, “We are confident that this strategic alliance with Ibex Global and TRG will enhance the customer experience and also accelerate the career progression for many of our current employees.”

Nauman Fakhar, Head of Call Centers said, “This strategic decision has been made while ensuring the employee welfare. This outsourcing has been an unprecedented exercise where we have made sure that the interests of all our employees are safeguarded. I am confident that our outsourced employees will greatly benefit from this transaction and will have fulfilling careers at our outsource partners while our customers will get the highest quality of customer experience that they associate with Mobilink.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with Mobilink”, said Nadeem Elahi, CEO of IBEX Global Pakistan. “IBEX is not only amongst Pakistan’s largest exporter of IT-enabled services but a leader in providing Business Process Outsourcing Solutions to renowned brands across the globe. With Mobilink, IBEX is proud to work with 4 out of the 5 mobile telecom operators in the country which is a testament to our industry experience and service quality.”

In a similar move last year, Mobilink outsourced a small portion of its call center staff to the internationally acclaimed Business Service Providers as a pilot. After carefully analyzing the benefits of that move, for customers and the employees, Mobilink then decided to fully outsource its Karachi and Islamabad based contact centers.

As Mobilink places the welfare of its employees at the core of its business strategy, the Telco has ensured that the entire outsourcing process is transparent, and all the employees are informed of the transition beforehand.

The move will help the outsourced employees in developing their skillsets, as they will be exposed to new challenges and opportunities to further their careers in a dynamic and global business environment.

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  • I fail to understand how is it beneficial to the employees and their careers? I agree that currently they have been kept on the same financial remuneration but in the long run it is not beneficial. They will not have fringe benefits which they were getting from Mobilink neither the same life and medical insurance package. They don’t even get good increments and promotions and can be let go any time

    • increments will be better than mobilink average increment of 4% and that is to after half of the year

  • Seems paid content, almost all permanent employees of Contact Center lost their jobs due to this outsourcing

  • Mobilink walo ko kuch samj nai aa rahe. Sb ko WAKhAT dala hua hay including warid mates.. and I think they themself will get loss due to all these moves!

  • Indeed Pro Pakistani is sold out media entity as they shape news as per what funds they receive from stakeholder, bigger bidder wins to shape the news

  • Hopefully now welfare of customers Will be safeguarded as well? Mobilink CSRs have been the least informed or helpful of all mobile operators.

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