Sindh High Court Lifts Ban: Aamir Liaqat Show to Air Today as Usual

Sindh high Court has annulled PEMRA’s yesterday decision in which it had banned Aamir Liaqat’s Inam Ghar show for three days.

Honorable Justice Mr. Shah Nawaz Tariq today — during a hearing — termed PEMRA’s ban invalid and allowed Geo TV to air its “Inaam Ghar” program as usual without any interruption.

With this PEMRA’s decision has gone void and Inaam Ghar of Aamir Liaqat will be aired as usual.

Earlier Geo Television had moved Sindh High Court pleading against PEMRA decision that had banned show for three days.

It maybe recalled that PEMRA had banned Aamir Liaqat’s show for three days following things:

  • Showing scenes of a girl committing suicide
  • Letting go on-air an indecent call of a female caller
  • A man abusing on-air for winning a bike

Sindh High Court, however, decided against the ban and asked PEMRA to withdraw from its earlier directive.

Aamir Liaqat’s Show will be aired today as per usual routine.

  • welcome to Pakistan’s law system…

    • Ishtiaq

      The judge must have won a “Igloo ki bike”.

  • justice-system-ki-kya-baat

    Lakh di lanat !

  • Zaki Uddin

    Thats how deep corruption is in roots of sindh

  • musa

    Lanat on our judiciary , lanat lanat lanat , this is all about Pakistan and its law which can be compromised any time with the power of money………………

  • Bilal Iqbal

    2 lakh di lannat… #BoycottAmirLiaqat….#BoycottInamGhar

  • Aamir

    laanat !!

  • Truth

    Y one should have sympathies if these judges or there sons get abducted or killed? :/

  • ranasrule

    Lakh di lanat !

  • یاد رہے کہ جسٹس شاہنواز صاحب جیو گروپ کے لیگل ایڈوائزر رہ چکے ہیں اور ان کو ہائی کورٹ ک جج جیو گروپ نے ہی بنوایا…
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    • Ishtiaq

      Yani Qanoon Aamir Liaquat jaise kanjar k ghar ki loundi hai?

  • dadapotapk

    جیو کو سندھ ہائی کورٹ سے سٹے ملنے پر جناب شعیب بن عزیز کا شعر
    ہے فیصلہ خود باعث توہین عدالت
    کچھ کہہ کے میں توہین عدالت نہیں کرتا

  • dadapotapk

    جیو کے ایک دوست کو بتایا کہ عامر لیاقت پر پابندی لگی ہے تو ہنس کر بولے کوئی بات نہیں ہمارے لیگل ایڈوازر آجکل جج ہوتے ہیں وہ سٹے کردیں گے

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Pemra is independent regulatory authority, how can sindh high court overrule its decisions.

    • Imran

      court has power to overrule, now only supreme court or larger bench of high court can overrule this decision

  • abobobilly

    So PEMRA cannot act independently against indecent acts on TV, without involving courts? The one time PEMRA did the right thing, was reversed by court because “Pakistani Law”. :S

  • Adnan

    Mere bhai isliye to aam ir liaquat ne itni himmat ki

  • Is judge ke betay ko kidnap kerna chahye tha.

  • Mani

    The question is, who filed the petition to the Sindh Hight Court and when? Why did the hear the case immediately and issued the judgement?

  • Faheem Janjua

    ماشا اللہ، امید ہے جج صاحب کو مناسب رقم مل گئی ہو گی، پاکستان کا عدالتی نظام جتنا پیسہ اتنا انصاف

    • Ishtiaq

      Janjua Sahab bohat bhoolay ho aap bhi Bhai. Munasib raqm kia, sirf aik bike ne kaam dikhaya hai bhai.
      Aik case main main aik wakeel ne petitioner se kaha tha k itnay paise le aao saath main apni marzi ka order bhi likh k le aao main judge se sign karwa k de deta hun. Tou yeh tou haal hai janjua shb.

      • Faheem Janjua

        This is very unfortunate and yet we claims to be most loyal Muslims, and Muslim nation kind of words, blessed nation, Madina Sani……..We are stupid poeple who really follow these all, You can see and found many followers of Fazal ul Rehman, Aamir Liyaqat, fahad Mustafa etc. If thousand of them follows them then there is majority so what somebody can say.

  • Faheem Janjua

    جب سندھ ہائی کورٹ کے چیف جسٹس اور جج صاحبان محترم بلاول زرداری سے ملاقات کا شرف حاصل کرنے بلاول ہاوس تشریف لے جاتے ہوں ایسے ججوں کی عزت کا معیار کیا ہو سکتا ہے

  • Zohaib Jahan

    Anybody knows on what basis Sindh High court overruled the PEMRA’s decision?

  • Taha Najam

    Sindh High Court’s decision only applies in Sindh. Still can’t air in the rest of Pakistan.

  • Ahmad

    bhaio relax raho iss insaan ki abhi bht kam be izzati ho rhi he iss k sath to wo ho ga k kabhi kisi insaan numa chiz ka sath nahi hoa ho ga so wait and be patient and let see don’t spoil your roza because of this…..

  • ajmal

    Judiciary took rapid action for Geo TV BUT No justice for Model Town victims where ppl receive straight bullets from Shahbaz Sharif deployed police.
    What a System.

    • BADAR

      Its all due to Qadri

      • ajmal

        if Qadri is responsible then why this case is under the carpet?

        • BADAR

          Because they all want to destabilize Pakistan

  • Manzoor memon

    Judges have become impotent send them to Hakeems


    “Honorable Justice Mr. Shah Nawaz Tariq”
    Whatta Joke

  • Manzoor memon

    They have taken oath of dishonour


    Kisi k pass yeah clips hain jin ki waja se ban laga tha

  • Tanweer

    propakistani won’t be banned if you don’t use words like honorable or so for no reasons dear.

  • Lazy Sapper

    “Honorable Justice”. Say Dishonored Justice.