PEMRA Approves Loop Holding and IPTV Policies for Pakistan

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority today approved long-pending Loop Holding and IPTV policies after which it can now start issuing licenses for both categories.

The policies were approved by PEMRA in a meeting held in Islamabad.

For those who don’t know, Loop Holding means that a person who obtains signals from distribution service operator and further distributes the same to multiple subscribers without inserting any further programmes or advertisements.

With approval of loop holding policy, now individuals will be able to offer cable TV services without any infrastructure investment.

On the other hand, distribution service providers will be able to earn more revenues by stretching their services to farther areas without any increase in management functions.

PEMRA is hoping that with loop holders’ licenses in place, digital TV will spread across far flung areas of the country.

PEMRA said that loop holding licenses will allow common Pakistanis to earn respectable earnings every month.

It is also hoped that cable operators — with wider audience on board — will also reduce monthly cable fee for easy and affordable access to TV content.

PEMRA also approved IPTV licensing today after which it will start issuing IPTV licenses to private firms across Pakistan.

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