Twitter Introduces Free Dashboard Tool for Business

Twitter, the world’s favorite micro-blogging social network, prides itself as a place where people can have authentic conversations.

It’s a place for businesses to make connections with their customers in a personalized and direct way, helping them answer queries, offer promotions and overall be a part of the conversation of the day.

But it’s not that easy to make connections with your customers if you as a business, have limited time and resources.

Twitter knows this. And that is why, it is rolling out a new Twitter Dashboard, a brand new app that can help brand managers keep up with the trends and times.

Features of Twitter Dashboard

The dashboard helps businesses and brands stay connected with their users and community. Previously, companies with huge marketing budgets could use paid sophisticated tools by third-parties to track their engagements and performance on Twitter.

The new dashboard is free and this gives both mobile (iOS for now) and web users a single destination to have a clear picture about how their product is faring on Twitter.

Here are some of the main features that the Twitter Dashboard gives to users, marketers and businesses:

Keep Engaged with your Audience

You can create a custom fed that can tell you what people are saying about your business. Do people love your product? Or are they unhappy with how things are going?

With the custom feed, you can reach out to your fans, followers, and just about everyone. You can take advantage of opportunities created by customer interactions, by helping them solve an issue, offering them more incentive to choose you, etc.

Tweet at the Right Time

Timing, as they say, is everything. You can use the dashboard to schedule your tweets for later, make a queue, and pretty much modify or reorder your tweeting schedule if you are on the go.

Ideas and Inspiration

For businesses, Twitter offers a wealth of creative ideas that can help you attract a bigger audience. You can pose a question to your followers, get invaluable feedback, retweet the best responses, and more. This way your followers know that you’re not just another stale brand account on Twitter.

When Can you Use Twitter’s New Dashboard?

Currently, Twitter is rolling out the dashboard for US-based businesses. It will be rolling it out the service globally in the near future.

You can check it out here: (Web) / (iOS)

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