CCTV News and CCTV 9 Discovery Gets Landing Rights in Pakistan

China’s state owned News TV network has received mandatory landing rights in Pakistan, after which CCTV News and CCTV 9 Discovery channels will be shown live to Pakistani audience.

Landing rights of CCTV News and CCTV 9 Discovery channels were granted in Pakistan to PTV Foundation.

CCTV network is China’s central TV network and will be first Chinese network to be shown live on TVs in Pakistan.


PEMRA Chairman handing over Landing Rights for CCTV News in Pakistan

It maybe recalled that landing rights for CCTV News network is part of dozens of agreements that were signed last year during Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan.

State owned CCTV News broadcasts reports and in depth features while CCTV 9 discovery runs documentary news reports, mainly relating to the history of China.

Deal is part of larger collaboration that China and Pakistan are undergoing under the umbrella of CPEC.

Both countries are hopping for even better understanding of each other with CCTV network shown live on Pakistani TVs.

  • That’s great news :)
    Finally,we will have alternative international news channel other than CNN,BBC propaganda machines!

    • And you think CCTV isn’t censored? They’re in by the Govt. of China, who has their own agenda.

      Good luck seeing any news pertaining to Tibet or the Dalai Lama on CCTV. Or ANYTHING against Chinese interests.

      • I’ll still prefer CCTV or RT or any channel except Western Media BS is acceptable for me.
        Good luck to you with CNN or BBC. Keep on Watching :D

        • CCTV & RT both are propaganda channels for their respective govt’s. i.e China & Russia. just like ours PTV.

          • come on, PTV is pathetic and even Pakistanis don’t watch.
            CCTV and RT present Russian and Chinese perspective on world stage to which I agree but there’s a difference in Propaganda and Perspective and I’ll prefer state owned media rather than Zionist controlled Western Presstitute Media!

    • lol :D it’s time to learn some :P
      These are English language news channels though!

  • Good move, it’s the rising star of international media. Will keep watching CCTV, hope it will project Pakistan’s interest in better way not like biased western channels BBC, CNN who don’t find any good news from Pakistan but they wait to find & put bad side of Pakistan.
    BBC and CNN have lost their credibility in most part of the world, but France 24, RT, DW and CCTV are rising well.

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