Dawlance Group Acquired By Turkish Company for $258 Million

It seems Pakistani companies are catching the eye of foreign investors. Dawlance Group from Pakistan has signed an acquisition deal worth $258 million with Turkey’s Arçelik AS Group. The Turkish company has cited favorable economic conditions for the deal.

Dawlance is Pakistan’s leading home appliance maker, privately owned by Suleiman Dawood. It has become the third Pakistani company that has been acquired by a foreign company in 2016 alone. Dawlance has reportedly enjoyed $41 million in total sales in 2015 alone.

The Turkish company Arcelik is the world’s sixth largest home appliance maker. Its move to buy out Dawlance shares will undoubtedly expand the Turkish company’s footprint globally.

3 production plants in two different locations will be added to Arcelik’s global production network, including Dawlance’s manufacturing plant in Hyderabad. Dawlance currently has 16 regional offices all across Pakistan with up to 2,000 sales points.

The news of the acquisition went public after the release of a Deutsche Bank Report.

The move signifies increased confidence in Pakistani companies from foreign investors, citing favorable economic conditions.

It should be mentioned that Dawlance is a market leader in Pakistan, given its brand of home appliances that include air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, washing machines and many more. The acquisition will reportedly be done by the end of 2016 after Arcelik gets approval from the regulatory body, following the receipt and closing conditions as required.

We will update you with more details as the story develops.

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  • The owner is Bashir Dawood and company is not listed in KSE. Its a Private Limited Company.

  • I guess now I will have a chance to change my 40 years old Arcelik Fridge…… with a new Arcelik

  • Dawlance brand is a reliable brand now and has a 35 year struggling behind

  • The M&A history of White Goods/Appliances history from GM, Chrysler making aircon., fridges, which later were successively acquired by other groups. Recently the legendary GE Appliances decided to give up, which was introduced to Huawei. Huawei acquired GE and now owns the Appliances Div., of GE. The other white goods manufacturer is Electrolux which had worked with unsatisfactory franchise and lost name and good will. Electrolux is a major group with several patents in Vaccum Cleaner, etc., Like the Lakhani’s entering the FMCG, and TV channels. Dawoods may look to Electrolux venture to start in Pakistan with its original name, with the consent advise of Dawoods. This could be a win win idea for Electrolux and Dawood
    to co own Electrolux with with their local brand for the SAARC regional markets.

  • Clearly Samir Yawar didn’t do his research. Dawlance is a Private Limted Company, the owner is Bashir Dawood, and Dawlance does not sell fans. ProPakistan make sure your employees post things right.

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