Government Launches Easy Loan Schemes for Private Hospitals

Government has formally launched Prime Minister’s National Health Program (PMNHP) in collaboration with National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and First Women Bank Limited (FWBL).

Program is aimed at providing health facilities to poorest segments of population through building up healthcare institutions.


The facility of soft loans under PMNHP is being launched for private hospitals empanelled under PMNHP to facilitate them in up-gradation of their facilities for provision of better treatment services to the target population.

NBP and FWBL will offer loans to private empanelled hospitals listed for up-gradation of their facilities including equipment purchase, operation theatre up-gradation and improvement in emergency services as envisioned in PMNHP.

Other banks are advised to gear up their systems and participate in PMNHP soft loans initiative.

Sole Proprietor, Partnership firms, Private and Public Limited Companies, other bodies/trust running hospitals and empanelled in PMNHP will be provided soft loans/financing under PMNHP.

The beneficiaries of loans will be qualified MBBS/BDS Doctor from an institution recognized by PMDC and to be given for Hospitals, Clinics, Health Care units empanelled/shortlisted under PMNHP that must be registered with Pakistan Medical and Dentistry Council and Pakistan Medical Association.

Details of Loan Facility

According to the program, loans up to Rs 10 million will be issued to individuals based on the project debt-equity ratio, that is, 80:20. The maximum tenure of loan is eight (8) years including grace period of upto one year.

Under the plan, loans to be disbursed in single tranche, whereas mode of repayment to banks will be carried out through equal monthly installments.

Grace period will run from the date of loan disbursement. During grace period, EMI shall be composed of service charges/mark-up only.

Borrower will pay 6 percent fixed interest against the loans while government will pay the difference of the cost at KIBOR+500bps. Government will bear upto 5% losses on the portfolio of the banks under this Program.

Loans will be issued to individuals against the security/ collateral which could be assets/equipments and mortgage of Immovable Property as secondary collateral.

The facility will be initially launched in 23 selected districts by Office of PMNHP and will subsequently cover whole of the Country.

PMNHP Office will provide to Executing Agencies, the list of private empanelled hospitals eligible for soft loans/financing under PMNHP.