Pakistani Entrepreneur Launches Online Parking Service in UAE

Finding parking space is always troublesome, whether its next to a cinema or next to a mall. We’ve all had this problem at some point.

A Dubai-based Pakistani entrepreneur, Adnan Masood, has found the key to a possible solution to those parking woes. His startup Park Keys is based on finding parking spaces easily.

Parking is my most favourite topic, so you have to stop me. We connect parking seekers with parking providers. – Adnan Masood, CEO Park Keys

About Adnan Masood

After completing his education in Islamabad, Adnan moved to Sydney for his university studies. He stayed there for 10 years before moving back to Dubai in 2009.

When he started out, like most entrepreneurs, he did not have the money or the contacts to set things up.

But his hard work and idea paid off. In January 2016, he launched the website for Park Keys. After 6 months, Park Key gained more than 1,000 registered users.

Details about Park Key Service

Currently Park Key offers 400 parking spots across Dubai and Sharjah.

To use the service, users can register with them and book the space on a weekly or monthly basis.

There are different charges for different areas. The users on average pay Dh 395 (~Rs. 11270) – Dh 525 (~Rs. 15000) per month with an additional Dh 200 (~Rs. 5706) as security charges.

Issues like someone taking up your spot could happen to. For those who are skeptical about the service, Adnan reassures them:

We don’t guarantee a particular bay, but we guarantee a parking spot. You can even choose a covered parking for your car and create a free alert if parking is not available, and we’ll address that. – Adnan

Park Key is aiming to launch in Qatar and Kuwait by next year.

Can a Service like Park Key Work in Pakistan?

This would be extremely helpful in Pakistan especially in urban cities like Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, etc. where parking is a nightmare. Most of the technical support for Park Key is based in Islamabad so its not far-fetched to assume that it might launch in Pakistan later on as well.

Until then, head out early with your car on a journey and pray that you don’t get double parked over.

Via Khaleej Times

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  • Launching a service doesn’t mean it is going to succeed. Do they have any money back guarantee?

        • Oh bhai to visa to UAE ap ko he deta ha na. baki sub to lalu hain na. And why so negative about someones success even if it is a startup.

        • The point of Faraz is right (may be the way he conveyed his message was not appropriate) . We as a nation pin point negative points first instead of positive points. Unless we start thinking positive first , our growth as a nation will continue towards negative

    • 100 ideas fails and then you get success and one successful idea pays off for 100 failed ideas and give opportunities to 100 more ideas.. let the idea coming, failure is equally good, you know then why it is failed and you then you don’t repeat the mistake!

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