Honda Civic 2016 Just Hit Pakistani Showrooms – And It’s Stunning [Pictures + Video]

The wait is finally over. Honda has revealed the Civic 2016 in all its glory when it was unveiled at show rooms earlier today.

You can check it out here.








A detailed spec sheet is also available


Honda’s Civic and City series has always lagged behind Toyota Corolla in terms of sales volume. The Pakistani population usually prefers Toyota Corolla over Honda’s offerings.

Whether the trend changes in the future following the release of the 2016 model Civic is up for debate.


Its also worth mentioning that this is the first ever Honda Civic with a turbo installed. The turbo increases the air intake and generally helps the manufacturers make the engines faster and more efficient. There is a downside to this as the engine’s revv sees considerable decrease due to the turbo.

Delivery is expected to start in the first week of August for the early orders. While it normally takes 4 months for the car to be delivered, for the Civic 2016, it can take up to 5 months. Booking starts from 10 lac rupees.

The car will be available in 3 variants,

  • 1.8 Litre I-Vtec for Rs 2,349,000
  • 1.8 Litre I-Vtec Oriel for Rs 2,499,000
  • 1.5 Litre Vtec Turbo for Rs 2,999,000

Honda Civics will start delivering — for those who have pre-booked it — from first week of August. We are told that new Honda Civic 2016 will take 3-4 months for delivery after booking.

Also to mention, at the time of pre-booking, Honda had announced that it will ship “Cosmic Blue” color in Pakistan as well, but now — as per those who have booked the car — we are hearing that Cosmic Blue won’t be available in Pakistan.

The freight charges are listed below

freight charges

You can also check out the video of the new Honda Civic 2016 below:

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  • Bro way to expensive one can get jap model with this price with better specifications and features and why its expensive bcoz these are ex factory rates on road prices are around 3,1m for turbo charged so i am not falling for the trap :D

        • Hybrid + SUV Looks
          Many More Features Inside..
          BavaGee Turbo Civic Se Bohot Behtar Ha!!!!

          • Too bad, that Hybrid Engine (power and torque = 131HP and 129NM) is too weak when compared to 1.5-litre, 16-valve, Direct Injection, DOHC, turbocharged 4-cylinder that packs a horsepower of 174 @ 5500 with a torque of 162 @ 1800-5500.
            Good Luck with that Hybrid, Ain’t a place for Prius Lovers here :D

            Having looks of a SUV in not an advantage unless you are looking for it. You can’t just say that SUV is a better looking body type than a modern Sedan.
            Theses are two different body types each having their own kingdom of elegance.
            P.S. It’s not even an original SUV, it’s a crossover.

            BavaGee Aisy hi kehny say to behtar nai hota na Many More features inside.. woh inside hi rakho or pehly dono cars theek say Dekh To Lo!!!! :D

            • LOL. . . . XD
              yaar Chachy ko Hybrid hi leny do kiun Turbocharged Engines k chakron main daal rahay ho XD

              • Over priced 30 lack car still with registration and withholding taxes it will cost u around 32 lack . Pakistan assembled car not worth it it’s better to drive jape ne se much better.
                On the other hand what’s the use of turbo charged engine in pakistan when u can’t drive more than 60 km in city and on motorway its 120 km

                • Bilkul Theek Boola Bhiyee,
                  Bandar Kya Janey Adrak Ka Sawad.
                  Wesay Be Speed Thrills But Kills.
                  Abi Bachay Hain Na Isleya Essi Baatain Kar Rahay Hain.

            • Abay Bachay,
              Tumhari Itni Horse Power Ka Kya Faida??? Kidar Baghao Ga??
              Bacha Gee Ek Aacha Mehran Wala Apko Peechay Choor De Ga.
              Kun Ke Pakistani Traffic Main Speed Nahi Aacha Driver Chiye!!
              Hahahahahahah ?
              Dusri Baat JDM Ki Aur He Baat Ha…
              Durability, Quality, Ab Kya Kya Bataun Tujay.
              Bachay Phir Dekh Hybrid Main Tera Petrol Ka Paisa Be Bachay Ga!!
              Phir Bachay Maine To Khud Khareedni Ha, Apney Papa Ka Pasoon Se Khareed Ka Raat Ko Bahria Ka Bahir Raceain Nahi Lagani ?
              Bachay Main To 1.8 Oriel Kharrednay Ka Sooch Raha Hoon Mallai Maar Ke!!!
              Wo Be Apney Passon Se.

            • Aur Bachay Sahi Gash Tab Parney Hain Jub High Octane Petrol Dhoodney Niklo Ga.
              Jesay Sehra Main Pani Dhoodney Ka Manid!!!

  • There’s very less cars campanies in Pakistan as compare to other countries, Good brand cars are very expensive therefore mostly Pakistani customers is forced to buy Corolla, even I don’t like Corolla outside country but inside country my favorite is Corolla because other good brands is very expensive.

  • You ProPakistani guys are such a racists. Why don’t you write these type of articles on Honda CD 70? Why only Honda Civic? Ghareeb ka Dil nahin hota kya?

    • Gareeb Banda Zalim Hota Ha.
      Speaking From Experience.
      No Offense To Gareeb People Tho ?

      • Zalim kaun nahi is country main, jisko jahan mauqa milta hai zulm karta hai lootta hai :-)

        Yahan sirf woh zalim nahi jisko mauqa nahi mila ab tak :-)

        • us din to bara pharak rahy thay k mere qaom ko gali maat do aur ab khud he apni qaom ke tareefein kar rahy ho :D

          • Moeed bhai, Zalim main aur gali main farak hai :-)

            Maine kahin apni qaum ko gali nahi di. Just ek mizaj bataya hai logon ka. Ke jisko jahan mauqa milta hai dandi mar leta hai. Buhat kam log honge jo aise nahi honge but majority tu aisi hi hai.

            Baki qaum ko gali dena tu galat hai, yeh tu main abhi bhi kehta hon.

        • Janey Do Mian,
          Gareeb Na Allah Ka,
          Na Allah Ka Banday Ka.
          Gareeb To Buss Passay Ka.
          Jithay Labay Uthay Nassay!!
          Beware Of These People!
          Kisi Din McLeod Rd. Ya Montgomery Rd. Ka Chakar Lagao Kushboo Laga Ke. Tabiyet Set Hojay Gi Emaan Se!!!

        • Aur Agar Nahi Yakeen Aata To,
          Ek Makan Bana Ke Dekho….
          Kya Hashar Kartey Hain Tumharay “Hard Earned Money” Ka!!
          Again No Offense To Poor People!!
          Allah Baray Bool Aur Buray Logon Se Bachay, Aamin.

        • Gareeb Banday Se Bacho Beta,
          Gareeb Essi Essi Baat Pe Kasmain Khay Ga, Tumhari Sooch Ha.
          Aur Bari Baatain Ha Garebo Ki Main Ap Ko Kya Bataun.
          Kisi Din Time Nikal Ke Aana, Main Apko Apni Goodi Main Betha Kar Sari Baatain Bataun Ga Be Aur Samjhaun Ga Be ?

    • You’re racist too, Eagle just introduced the 2016 model of the Cycle and no one is talking about it, not even you?

      This time they have changed the pedals and made them bigger and curvier.

      • آپ جیسے ہر سال سائیکل کا ماڈل تبدیل کرنے والے ہم جیسے پبلک ٹرانسپورٹ میں سفر کرنے والوں کا خوب دل جلاتے ہیں، کوئ بات نہیں اللہ کرے گا کوئ اگلے دن ہی آپکی ٹلی کھول کر لے جائے گا

  • I wish the govt of Pakistan directs these companies for 100 % manufacture in Pakistan. This will not only create jobs but will also save precious FE.

  • Shame on Pakistan government that doesn’t allows any other Car companies to operate in Pakistan. The people mindset has not gone beyond Honda and Toyota sadly. And what’s even depressing is the illegal pricing people have been made fool 33% taxes is taken by govt otherwise all the cars had been much cheaper !!! Plus all the accessories have been taken away already

  • wonder how many knows that 1.5 turbo version requires Hi-Oct fuel only, and it will malfunction / damage the engine parts on normal fuel.

  • with respect….. Honda finishing is not good or up to the mark. Being user, when i am spending more then 2.4 million rupees then i think i should deserve something better.

  • close