Transpay Holds ‘Freelancing – The Way Forward’ Event in Islamabad

In Transpay’s continued effort to foster a successful freelancers’ community in Pakistan. it held a Freelancers meetup ‘Freelancing – The Way Forward ’ in Islamabad on 21st July. was the official media partner.

It was an evening packed with information, networking and knowledge. The event was attended by a mix of new and experienced freelancers, contributing towards the empowerment and improvement of gig economy of Pakistan. Freelancers from different platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and were engaged in an interactive meetup. All three speakers are superstars in their niches with established online businesses and a great clientele.  Event was hosted by Transpay’s Country Manager, Mohsin Muzaffer.

Mohsin gave a talk on how Transpay is helping Pakistani freelancers to overcome the cross border payment hassles. He also discussed how Transpay’s direct banking network has improved the money transfer time, has offered better exchange rates and a great customer experience. Mohsin also highlighted Transpay’s current network of services that is serving in more than 120 countries with more than 200,000 payment pickup points.

Saad Hamid, a digital evangelist, community mobilize and a successful freelancer –talked about do’s and dont’s of freelancing. He gave a detailed insight on what are the key factors towards achieving a successful career in freelancing. Saad also projected the importance of gig economy in coming years and how it is important to get used to the new style of work

Mahnoor Naveed, a 19 years young success story from Pakistan who is one of the top freelancers in Pakistan, gave an inspiring talk on how people can kickstart their careers in freelancing using different freelancing platforms. She talked about very details of profile building, proposal writing, bidding and how to stay focused.

Madiha Hamid, an inspiring business woman who started as a freelancer and now running a top digital media agency talked about how to move to the next level. She emphasized on the importance of building team and creating a sustainable business. She shared her inspiring story how she managed to build a successful business model that is growing both inside and outside the country.

At the end, Mohsin distributed shields among the speakers before everybody gathered around the stage to have group photos.

This was followed by the networking over a delightful hi-tea before saying good-bye to an evening well spent.

  • If ProPakistani was business partner then why wasn’t this news published on the site? Or it was and I missed it? Can somebody please confirm..

  • Freelancing for what? IT & IT enabled services. The term is general. For instance, there can be a freelance journalist or photographer or whatever. It is not self-proprietership, but very close to it.

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