Careem Offers Telenor Users a First-Time 35% Discount and Free WiFi

Careem and Telenor have partnered to provide discounted fares to customers who use Telenor’s service. Careem is a transportation company quite similar to a cab service which connects the captains (drivers) with the customers via its app.


Details about the Offer

The transportation service will be giving a discount of 35% to Telenor customers for their first ride using Careem. Furthermore, all customers will now have access to free wifi during the ride. The captains will also be able to avail special data packages from Telenor.

The discount will be available from 26th July till 9th August for business and economy users both for their first ride only. You can use the promotional code Telenor35 to avail the discount while booking a ride.

Careem operates in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Internationally Careem operates in the UAE and Saudi Arabia as well. Careem’s service is different from regular cab services in that it offers an app for its customers in addition to hailing a cab via a call.

Telenor and Careem Partnership

Telenor Pakistan’s CEO Michael Foley added,

With Careem, Telenor subscribers will not only enjoy cheaper and more comfortable rides, but also WIFI connectivity on the go. We will continue to look for newer avenues of serving our valued customers.

Managing Director of Careem Junaid Iqbal also commented on this new partnership saying that they are happy with this crucial deal with Telenor. He said that the agreement between Telenor Pakistan and Careem will help them explore newer prospects for them to further accommodate their customers, and that they will explore more options on expanding upon this agreement and their joint venture in general.


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  • Glad to notice Michael Foley will remain till end July. Excellent promotion for EasyPaisa. Telenor being an important organisation to the cause of Road Safety in Pakistan which you’re well aware of? During Eid Festival holidays by the number of injuries, casualties brought to public hospitals during Eid holidays. I seek an audience to show a very important segment of Road Safety which Telenor can probably contribute possibly collabrating with the USF. As Telenor contributed to Traffic Police by using EasyPaisa product for various enforcement of Road Safety etc. Telenor can do lot more on Road Safety by contributing to collection of Toll Charges during Peak Time Road Traffic would give relief to motorists, as EasyPaisa is providing relief to enforcement of Traffic Challan Payment further facilitated by EasyPaisa to motorist by payment right in the vehicle for the violation. Being a long time follower to the Road Safety Decade and how it can prevent accidents, discipline. Careem and Telenor has done a great job of ride sharing in Pakistan which will help in the trend of driving your own car. Compliments on the 4G/LTE which would support. I notice Careem Ride cars are without Airbag safety. I may possibly arrange Airbag as part of safety contribution towards Road Safety efforts for a ride sharing company as Careem. Besides other things as your digital event on IOT and other which I missed. App. based parking for Karachi..

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