10 Hilarious Twitter Reactions to CyberCrime Bill

The day has finally arrived. The Cyber Crime Bill, with some amendments, have finally being passed by the Senate.

Given its broad language and the range of punishments and crimes it seeks to address in this digital age, you can sure bet your Rs. 1000 note that Pakistani social media users have a lot to say about it.

We have compiled a list of hilarious social media reactions to the Cybercrime bill from Twitter:

Seems like someone isn’t a fan of Coldplay’s music:

Someone even forgot to consult with the technical people here:

Ok, some people might actually sue you if they are in your selfie and look terrible as heck:

Good use of our tax rupees right here dare we say:

Of course, someone had to make the offshore joke post-Panama Leaks for the Cyber Crime Bill:

Cyber Crime Bill, the great unifer of Pakistani Twitter:

Of course, criticizing the government might land you in jail, so lets praise em:


This guy gets it:

Okay we certainly hope that this isn’t a thing or else most of us will be in jail:

Some famous tweeps are already preparing for the next phase: