Shahbaz Shareef Is Offering Free Land to Chinese Investors

Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Shareef, has offered free land to Chinese investors who will invest in Punjab. This offer was made during the Punjab-Qingdao Business seminar yesterday during Shahbaz Shareef’s visit to China.

Best facilities and technologies were promised by the minister to the Chinese industrialists as well for the plans to shift several industries to Pakistan. The seminar was attended by various Chinese officials, industrialists, investors and businessmen.

Jehanzeb Khan Chairman of Planning and Devlopment and industries secretary Khalid Sherdil briefed the audience in the seminar about the facilities that the provincial government will provide for the investors and industrialists.

Shehbaz also met with the Communist party’s Secretary in Qingdao, Li Qun. Agreements and memorandums were signed during the meeting between Punjab and Qingdao.

A joint group between Punjab and Qingdao will be set up to explore possibilities of cooperation in different sectors. MOUs were also signed between the Punjab industries department and investment board with Qingdao.

The investors weren’t far behind and signed agreements between Punjab and Qingdao for setting up industrial states, economic zones, transport, improvements in textile sector, infrastructure, e-commerce with technical and vocational training. Total signed agreements and MOUs were 20 and 25 respectively.

CPEC follow up

After the China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) program, this one seems to be the second biggest investment and co-operation program between the two countries and will most likely bring about improvements in our industries provided that they aren’t hindered by the lack of resources that plagues Pakistan.

Via Dawn

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  • Jab Sui se Car tak China se import krrni hai
    Then lock down your own industries

    • But this time they are trying to transfer technology… let’s see how things unfold

      • bhai chinese ko jaga chaheye rahny k lye and for work, they are spreading like baby spiders in every corner of the world.

        har jagah pathan aur chinese mila ga

  • Good plan. Combination of too many Chinese and not enough land to live/grow on. Pakistan is natural provider and supplier of this. WinWin. TIme to learn Mandarin.

    • You are wrong, my friend. Most of Chinese population lives in east or southeast China. A HUGE part of China is empty. Google for “Hu line” and click on images. 94% of China’s population lives on 45% of its land. The other 55% is almost empty.

  • let me tell you one thing straight forward……Chinese will bring their own man power, materiel of all sort, all technical staff, transport and all allied equipment. This is evident from the construction of road from Thakot to Gilgit and the constructions of small dams on river Indus. They even brought their own Asphalt plants, Dumpers and operators. They have no faith on Pakistani labors and Engineers. So the end result, no benefit to local people. Mark my words.

  • @haamizAhmed Paid Writer
    Can’t buy a home to homeless and offering land to foreigners ? this is only possible if you are shareef. … he is ready to sell pakistan to improve its economy
    Meharbani ker k jo log Lahore k Underpasses k Nichay Sotay Hain Unko Chat Provide Ker do shehbaz sb..

  • why dont they give thier own land instead of Pakistan s govt land and who give them right to give land free of cost

  • Giving free plot to Chinese investors and getting huge tax from local Pakistani buyers and sellers.
    Allah Pak bera gark kary unka jo abhi bhi kehty hain k sab acha ho rha hy.

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