4 Pakistani Startups That Do Social Media Marketing Right

It is said that what people perceive is stronger than the reality, something which rings doubly true in the world of social media marketing.

People now spend quite a lot of time on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter than they do watching TV nowadays, essentially making it a great spot for marketers. In order to win, Pakistani brands and startups have turned to social media.

Here are a few Pakistani startups, in our opinion, that have made the most out of their marketing genius, attracting customers with the right mix of humor, aesthetic style, branding and messaging over social media.


Patari and its kitties and its infinite love for all things Pakistani music. That’s how most of its fans could sum up the service. And the credit for this goes to the social media-savvy marketing team at Patari HQ.

They got the weekly tunes recommendations down because hey, we need something to power through those Monday blues:

They got their own ‘kitty-licious’ brand of humor down:

And did we mention that they recently enabled Facebook song embeds like the other cool music streaming services do?

They are up for some mirch masala involving musicians (all in good humor of course):

Don’t forget to check out the Patari Haftanama for the weekly lolz and happenings:


Hailing a rickshaw in Pakistan is an experience that everyone is familiar with. So what does a rickshaw hailing service like Travly do to bring out that quintessentially Pakistani aspect of the service?

Why, it goes all cutesy local with its sense of humor.


They also do the fake internet quotes thing rather well, especially when they’re giving away real prizes:


They also do a Misbah Pushup Challenge once they sign a winning deal:

Most of us use rickshaws for shopping, and the people at Travly sure do know how to put 2 and 2 together:


And they never fail to bring a smile on your face with the help of an internet meme cleverly disguised as an advertisement (or is that the other way round?):


A cab booking service that has landed in Pakistan, Careem wants you to know its always got your back.

They know where the magic is at:

Talk about using some humor to win big on social media:

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-08-02 12-39-37

They exercise social responsibility when there’s Pokemon involved:

Their GIF reaction game is strong:

Car Butlers

No idea is ever too small or big. Its all about how you execute it that makes all the difference. The people behind the Lahore-based car washing startup Car Butlers have demonstrated this quite well with their right mix of influencer-based marketing.

To grow their startup, they reached out to a couple of CEOs and founders of Pakistani startups in attendence at PITB’s roundtable conference a few months back:

CEO of Sofizar

CEO of CloudClinic

Founder of TechJuice

Sometimes, just a little bit of ingenuity can help your startup increase sales exponentially, and that is exactly what Car Butlers did by giving free trials to people with thousands of social media followers.

Honorable Mention: Maro Tandoors

We know all about Pakistanis and their love of food. Local eateries like Maro Tandoors have taken this culinary love one step further, all thanks to their spiffy social media marketing.

They focus on the storytelling aspect by showcasing the people who are part of the Maro Tandoors family, with a bit of humor thrown in:

You know they are at the top of their foodie game when they combine their naans with Pokemon Go:

Free naans for all if you regularly follow their social media updates (and let’s face it, who among us can refuse that offer?):

Concluding Thoughts

These are just a handful of companies who have mastered the art of using new age media like social networks to deadly effect.

This way they are always ahead of the conversations, and resolving the issues of their fans and followers. Social media is instant and that involves a very keen and empathetic approach to managing your customers, something that modern Pakistani companies need to be aware of.

What other Pakistani brands or companies deserve a shout out for their immaculate marketing on social media? Sound off in the comments below.

Samir is the Head of Entertainment at Lens by ProPakistani. You can reach out to him at samir.ya...

  • These startups are doing really well. There’s one more that I came across. Aplos Innovation. I really love the way they market and totally enjoy the GIFs and posts they make for their industry people. As a Digital Media Professional myself, I believe they are doing a really nice job and I think this startup must be included in this blog.

    Take a look at their Facebook page:

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