3G Users in Pakistan Show Negative Growth for the First Time Since Launch

The number of 3G subscribers, for the first time since the launch, decreased by around 0.2 million to reach 29,530,254 in June 2016 against 29,748,666 3G subscribers from May 2016, said recently issued stats from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

The report that was released with a delay revealed that Mobilink 3G subscribers decreased from 9,261,146 in May to 8,919,218 by end June while Ufone 3G subscribers decreased from 5,326,429 in May to 5,223,096 by end June 2016.

When contacted PTA senior officials for their view point on the decline of 3G subscribers, said, “we are not sure but there may be mistakes in the figures and will have to check them”. The number of 3G subscribers is on the rise in the country and a decline is out of question, officials’ maintained.


According to PTA report, the number of Zong, and Telenor reached 5,988,197 and 8,371,991 by end June 2016 against 5,921,890 and 8,278,048 by end May respectively. Warid LTE subscriber reached 347,132 by end June against 330,876 during this period.

The number of 4G (Zong) users jumped from 630,277 subscribers in May 2016 subscribers to 680,620 by end June 2016.



4G_Users_June 2016

According to PTA report, Mobile phone users in Pakistan reached 133.24 million by end June 2016, after five mobile phone companies added a combined user base of 0.22 million customers during the reported month.

The combined user base of mobile companies registered a further decline and remained at 0.22 million in June against 0.37 million during the month of May 2016. Analysis show that the number was 1.65 million by end December 2015, 2.14 million by January 2016, 1.8 million by February, 1.56 million by end March and 1.24 million by April 2016.

Mobilink leads the charts with 39,118,521 customers while Telenor is closing in the gap with 38,020,771 subscribers. However, after merger of Mobilink and Warid, Mobilink is able to widen the lead with more than 50 million post-merger customers.

Zong has 25,251,329 customers at the end of June 2016 while Ufone stood with 19,833,670 customers till the time. Warid has a total of 11,017,174 customers.

Mobile teledensity reached 69.12 percent and Broadband subscribers increased to 32,415,339 during the period under review.




  • 3G subscribers will keep declining until government policies toward taxation change and companies make service worth the money,

    • Never. If you can have 4,4 sims of Mobilink and Warid.
      Your life will be easy with Reconnect Offers.

  • Tried to download 5 small video clips (cumulative length less than 4 minutes) received on whatsapp and it took almost 24hrs thru telenor, shouldn’t users look towards other operators

  • The best to use 3G or 4G is reconnect offers by Warid (3GB for 15 days) Mobilink (3GB for 60 Days)

  • Alaming ka kya baat hai .. ghatia speed n covg hy mobilink and ufone ki, Telenor n Zong aala chaltay hain .. jaga jaga coverage ki baat bhi hoti hy but mera experience Ufone n Jazz dono ka bura e rha hy since thyr 3g launchx.

  • ZONG 4G is best but 3G sucks. Telenor is pathetic. Ufone oh not even in my list to count. Warid was best but i havent tested in past few months. Screenshot of ZONG in Peshawar

  • I used Telenor 3G from Day First i.e 2014, I subscribed 3G (Day-Timel Weekly Package, Initially Package Charges was 40 PKR/Week with 7GB Volume after Approx. 1 Year they Raised charges from 40 to 47.50, Within Few Months they Continuously Increasing Charges & In against Constantly Decreased Volume i.e [email protected] 47.50, [email protected] 55, [email protected] 60 & from 10th August Only [email protected] 70 PKR, What the Hell Telenor?
    Fuck 3G Speed & Suck Customer’s Money Day by Day Rapidly!!

  • ufone users include my stop using 3g due to increase price of night package. which was 15 now its 99 rupee.

  • 3G speeds and Packages are getting worst and this is the only reason behind this decline.. I also left using 3G because of slow speeds and packages being costly…

  • Only Zong is offering better 3G/LTE speed and packages. Their Night and Day time offers are good as compare to others. And 2GB in Rs. 100 is also a good package. 8GB in 400

    • Bahi tum bhot trust kartay ho zong pay..ubscribed to zong nightly package which is 1 gb , after downloading 4
      clips of talk show which would be about 100 mb I got a message that you
      have used 80% of your data .. They are all thief including ptcl
      If i haven’t subscribed to any net packages and by mistake 3g turns on and downloads nothing all my credit is stolen by zong or ufone ..

  • چارٹ میں تو پتہ چل رہا ہے یوفون کی حالت بہت خراب ہے جب سے انہوں نے رات کا پیکج میگا بنڈل بند کیا ہے تو ان کی تو بکری ہی بیٹھ گئی ہے

  • Subscribed to zong nightly package which is 1 gb , after downloading 4 clips of talk show which would be about 100 mb I got a message that you have used 80% of your data .. They are all thief including ptcl

    • I checked many times with data monitor. Every time after 800 mb usage sms arrived of 80% use. Check data monitor while using.

        • Same thing happened to me .i was using night package. In hardly 5 mins 80% msg arrived. I was shocked . Then checked data counter. Switched off data . And tried to find reason and found the reason. It was windows update which consumes +800 mb with in 5 to 7 minutes of conectivity . And data counter was showing exact figure. And this thing happened twice. So for me they are not thief.

          • Where is data counter located in zong app? My windows update was turned off . I guess I’ll have go give it an another go

        • Thats why i am telling you that once use it with data monitor and confirm wheather you receive sms after 800 mb or 200

  • It is quiet better to use old 56kbps modem internet than this stupid ever 3g in pakistan ! they take fully money and provide service lower than modem internet ! I hope all will agree with me, if not , fir company tere abe ni hosi es liye dukh hai

  • PTA was dumb enough to hold bidding license to 5mhz spectrum blocks and now they say we don’t know why 3g user’s number went down.

  • Telenor, Jazz, Ufone and Warid is not the Good for Mobile internet users dew to coverage , services and speed , Zong all the time best

  • taxation is not basic issue, the issue is speed for declining in 3G or 4G usage. I had already switch to lower package just for using 3G or 4G in case of urgency or where no-wifi available. because browsing and downloading speed on both 3G or 4G is pathatic. at the time of launch by zong I was getting 18mbps download and 6-9mbs upload. now the highest speed for the last 3 months I am getting maximum of 4mbps download and upload at below 1mbps. so when you use internet on mobile phone or other devices the speed matters a lot. Its in my case, I dont know about other user.

  • یہ گراوٹ تمام کمپنیوں کی مشترکہ لوٹ مار کا نتیجہ ہے … روز روز پیکج ریٹ میں اضافہ لوگ واپس پی ٹی سی ایل کی طرف جانے پر مجبور ہو رہے ہیں

  • There are so many data monitor apps available on play store and apple store, most of sets have built in data monitor apps. Set today usage to zero and start using 1GB offer. And confirm after how mb usage you receive 800 mb alert. I have checked many times thats why I trust.

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