Announces Jashn-E-Azadi Gifts and Deals, a well-known online price comparison site, is offering Pakistanis a chance to win fascinating deals and gifts on this Independence Day.

On 14th Aug, the platform will be home to exclusive Jashn-e-Azadi deals from various Pakistani online shopping stores and will also serve hefty prizes in an exclusive contest.

What’s is Pakistan’s premier price comparison website, the first of its kind to be launched in this country. Users can compare prices and offers with just a single click when you’re on the website.

The price comparison platform has over 50,000 products listed. Users can search multiple products manually or by typing the product name in the search bar. On the product listing page, they will be provided a list of prices from best online shopping stores of Pakistan.

Since all the prices are displayed in a single window, potential customers don’t need to visit several online stores to search for one product’s price.

They can simply select the cheapest option from and make a smart buying decision without hassles, saving them money and providing emotional gratification.

What Makes Different?

The first thing which makes different is that the site has far more products listed than any other price comparison website in the country. Also, it provides comparisons from a lot more online stores.

Secondly, the site allows users to compare features and lists of similar products both at the same time, which no other online shopping comparison website is engaged in at this time.

While most others take the easy route, they help the user compare prices across several run-after categories.

Whether the users are looking for a mobile phone or its accessories, computers, household electronics, personal care products, gift sets, women’s apparel, kids’ toys, or anything else for that matter; they will find it available on the website.

What about “Jashn-e-Azadi Gifts”?


This year, has taken things a stage further in order to make online shopping a fun and pleasant experience.

Aside from giving customers a chance to compare products and grab the best Jashn-e-Azadi Deals, will also be offering exciting prizes via a lucky draw.

The users, in order to win prizes, will need to register an account with a valid email address at Once that is completed, they will automatically enter the lucky draw.

The lucky draw prizes include:

  • Mobile phones
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Tablet Devices
  • Headphones
  • Ladies’ unstitched suits
  • Ladies Handbags
  • Perfumes

And much more!

Winners will be announced every hour on 14th of August, 2016 (i.e. Independence Day of Pakistan).

Those who are registering are advised to keep an eye on the Jashn-e-Azadi deals page as well. The price comparison website will also be announcing deals and discounts from reputed online shopping stores on this page.

Users are advised to add products to their wish lists and buy them as soon as the deals pop up.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    but does it have Xiaomi phones ??

    • Priceblazepk

      Hi Yasir,
      No actually we only have smartphones available on online shopping stores.
      Do visit us to compare prices!

      • Muhammad Yasir


      • Sumeet Kumar

        Sir, You can’t update your email or user name on once you have created account. If you try to do so, you’ll get an API error.

        • Priceblazepk

          Hi Sumeet, No actually the email you used to sign up and the username you entered at that time are unchangeable.
          Priceblaze team.

      • Ishtiaq

        Is this priceblaze a project of ( It seems like that.

        • Hi Ishtiaq,

 is a price comparison website. We launched last year and now we have around 10 shopping stores on board.

 is one of our merchants like iShopping, Element Jeans and others. You too can become one if you sell products. Please use this link:

          Or if you want to enter the competition just signup at

          Priceblaze Team

          • Ishtiaq

            Thank you.

  • Kazim

    Good upto 50% off.

    • Priceblazepk

      Oh yes. Do sign up!

      Priceblaze team

  • Nott Responding

    Paid Article..

    • Ehtesham ul haq

      please open your EYES…

    • Priceblazepk

      Hi Nott Responding,

      Yes :). Do sign up. May be you become one of our winners!

      Priceblaze team

  • Priceblazepk

    Guys, we are the official team of
    If you guys have any questions you can ask us in comment.
    Also, if you found any bugs in our website report them below.

    Priceblaze team

    • Engr Atif

      When discount will be available ?

      • Hi Atif,

        The discounts will be made available on 13th August.
        Do stay tuned!

        Priceblaze Team

  • good offers though