Celebrating Independence: Mobile App to Paint Your Face With National Colors

As 14th August comes closer, people have started decorating their homes and cars by putting up Pakistani flags. Some people like to change their display pictures on social media in order to celebrate  as well. We are featuring one such app that allows you to show off your green spirit.

Meet Pakistan Selfie, a simple and easy to use app designed to put Pakistani flag filters on your pictures.

When you open up the app, you are greeted with a page that shows you the basic tutorial on how to apply the filter onto your picture.


You get two options to choose your pictures from: the camera and the gallery. If you boot the app up on Android Marshmallow, it will ask for permissions to access your camera and files on your device.

After either selecting a picture or taking one, you are presented with 5 different styles of filters that you would like to apply. The filters vary from a complete flag on the face, on your forehead or on your cheeks. You can select any of them and it will take a couple of seconds to show you the final result.



Overall, the experience of using the app was good and it seemed very well optimized, unlike most other similar apps available on the Play Store.

How Does it Work?

It is interesting to note that Pakistan Selfie app works only on faces. It won’t just apply the filter on top of any picture like many other apps do.

Ali Hassan, the developer, said that the he has used facial recognition technology which ensures the result is always great. This also means that if a face isn’t detected, the app simply won’t apply the filter.

We tested it out on an image with no human face and obviously it wasn’t able to apply the filter onto the image.


The app is definitely worth checking out in order to share the happiness of the Independence Day!

You can get the app on iOS from here and on Android from here.

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