Adeel Bajwa Appointed as CEO of Dhabi Group

H.H. Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chairman of Dhabi Group, Abu Dhabi has appointed Mr. Adeel Bajwa as the new CEO of Dhabi Group, a statement issued by group has revealed.

Adeel_BajwaMr. Adeel Bajwa has been associated with the Group for the last 12 years.

During his time with the group, Mr. Bajwa served in various roles, including as the General Counsel for the Group as well as a member of the Board of Directors of several Group companies during different times..

Mr. Adeel Bajwa has been actively involved in elevating the Group’s M&A profile and was instrumental in concluding a number of successful transactions in Africa and South Asia.

Adeel Bajwa’s most recent assignment was as Chairman of Board Executive Committee for Warid and Wateen Telecom in Pakistan.

Group statement said that it was Mr. Bajwa who transformed Warid Telecom from a 2G operator into a LTE telecom operator in Pakistan, which lead to a successful first of its kind telecom merger of Warid Telecom with Mobilink in Pakistan.

  • ranasrule

    Atif Bajwa gone ?

    • Tayyab

      Not at all. Atif Bajwa is still very much there.
      This is a CEO Role for Dhabi Group Mr Adeel Bajwa took.

      • ranasrule

        So who is the number 1 ? Usually the CEO is the top guy

        • Tayyab

          Well thats how it looks like !

          • ranasrule

            So is this a demotion of Atif Bajwa ?

  • Muhammad Zaman

    Congratulations Mr.Adeel Bajwa on your Appointment as CEO of Dhabi Group. We are proud of you.

  • Mahfooz Ahmed

    atif bajwa and adeel bajwa ,,, are they both brothers of Asim Bajwa DG ISPR ??? :P