TED-Ed Program Applications Open for Educators

TED-Ed is a year long professional development program designed to connect educators from universities, schools from kindergarten to high school level and other non traditional educational environments from around the world.

The program invites educationists, teachers, principals, curriculum specialists, superintendents and education leaders from all over the world to join the next cohort of TED-Ed Innovative Educators program.

Program Details

TED-Ed Innovative Educators will participate for two months of digital training which shows how to make the most of TED’s tools for teachers and students both (including TED-Ed Animated Lessons, TED-Ed clubs and the TED-Ed platform).

The TED-Ed program was launched in 2015. It has held two cohorts to date and includes 58 educators from 17 countries.

As TED’s on-the-ground education ambassadors and advocates, TED-Ed Innovative Educators lead their communities, and TED’s network of over 250,000 teachers, in developing and amplifying innovative ideas in education.

After the two month training concludes, you will be given the chance to develop and test your concept with a ten month long TED-Ed Innovation Project coaching and support program set within a dynamic learning community.

The program consists of the following steps:

  1. You can get inspired by people who can help you deliver solutions to pressing issues in a teaching environment.
  2. You get a network of like-minded individuals who join you in brainstorming a list of ideas, solutions and creative ways.
  3. You can choose one viable, feasible and desirable idea as your innovation concept. This idea will be developed keeping in mind the constraints we face in the real world.
  4. You will need to design a quick, cheap, low-risk way concept. This can end up with you creating a tangible first model or prototype of your innovation concept. This can help you refine it later.
  5. A small group can give you feedback that you can use to improve and advance your innovation concept over time. You can continue to iterate your concept quickly and multiple times as per your requirement.
  6. Get your early version of the concept out, Test it after launching or implementing it with a larger group. Gain invaluable feedback and improve it.
  7. You have tons of insights that you can share with a small group of colleagues. They can test it for you as well in a real world scenario.
  8. Finally, at the end of it all, you get to know if the innovation is worth it? If its good to go, you can share it with the world.

Apply for TED-Ed Training:

If you are interested in applying for the TED-Ed Innovative Educators cohort, you can register for it here. The last date for application submission is August 19th 2016.

For more on the program, head here.

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