Plan9 Conducts Event on ‘Pakistani Startups Making Waves’

Pakistan has been in existence for sixty-nine years. The country has been moving towards new, innovative scientific advancements but it has yet to come in alignment with other progressing countries when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurs paving the way for it.

Our youth searches for ample opportunities, seeking out a platform that provides just that. Plan9 – PITB’s Tech Incubator is one of those organizations that caters to the changing demands and needs of young individuals.

The more confidence and motivation the younger generation has, the more the country will move towards growth and prosperity.

“For quite some time now, Pakistan has produced exceptional startups who have raised considerable investment. Our aim is to bring them together on one stage so they may help motivate and inspire budding entrepreneurs. –Umar Saif, Chairman PITB.

Pakistani Startups Making Waves

To celebrate Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day, Plan9 held an event, ‘Pakistani Startups Making Waves’ powered by ATX+PAK Launch Entrepreneurship Program. Its focus was to celebrate the success of our local entrepreneurs who have contributed to the growing success & brilliance of Pakistan.


Plan9 brought together five renowned entrepreneurs in Pakistan. These included:

  • Suneel Munj representing,
  • Husnain Sheikh Chairman & CEO inov8,
  • Monis Rahman, Chairman ‘Naseeb Networks’ representing,
  • Qasif Shahid from Finja,
  • Imran Ali Khan, Co-founder

These individuals gave the audience an insight on their entrepreneurial journey and how they moved strategically to raise funding for their early initiatives. The panel was moderated by Nabeel A. Qadeer, Director Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, PITB.

“Your future is bright, as international investors are looking to invest in Pakistan. You are in the right place at the right time.” Said Monis Rahman, Chairman Naseeb Networks

Plan9’s alumni startups Patari, Car Butlers, Car Chabi, Wifigen, Transparent Hands, Mezaaj, Vivid Technologies and also took the stage to give the audience a glance at how they started from scratch and where they are today.

FinTech on phones will make online payments much more easier. FinTechs will come out on top. – Qasif Shahid, Finja

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