75% Drivers in Pakistan Break Law: Survey

Third edition of the auto industry survey published by PakWheels.com has revealed new insights into the automotive sector of Pakistan, including people’s buying and selling habits, patterns and preferences.

PakWheels said that 11000+ individuals — from all age groups, industry sectors and income level — participated in the survey.

The survey revealed that 75% of the drivers on Pakistani roads are breaking the law by not complying with the Provincial Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965, which mandatorily requires every car in Pakistan to be insured.

Drivers without license

According to the survey, 24% out of the respondents drive cars without a license in Pakistan with 41% of them being even below the age of 21 years.

Cars Without Insurance

Survey further revealed that only 25% of Pakistanis have their cars insured, which is primarily because they are bank financed and insurance is mandatory for such cars. The number could go further low if insurance wasn’t mandatory for the financed cars.

While the violation of insurance specific law could be attributed to lack of knowledge about this ordinance, the fact that significant number of drivers are also driving without a license points to a deeper issue at societal level.

Preferred Cars in Pakistan

Survey further validated that Toyota Corolla is the most preferred car of Pakistan followed by Honda City, Honda Civic, Suzuki Mehran and Suzuki Cultus respectively.

As expected, the market is still dominated by Big 3 brands Suzuki, Toyota and Honda. The anticipated entry of other auto manufacturers in Pakistan, including Nissan, Datsun, Renault, Volkswagen etc. in the near future could give a really tough time to the Big 3 in Pakistan.

Buying Habits

The survey has also thrown light onto the car buying habits of Pakistanis with 60% of the respondents buying used cars and 40% buying new cars.

Though auto financing has seen rapid growth over last 2 years, yet according to the survey, only 22% of the new car owners and 5% of the used car owners purchased through auto financing or loan. These numbers give a clear indication that banks will witness significant growth in auto financing in the coming days.

Buyers Look for Fuel Efficiency and Resale Valie  

While safety, comfort and other features are top of list when it comes to consumer preferences when buying a car in developed markets like US, Europe, etc., the survey revealed that Pakistani customers still consider fuel efficiency and resale value far more important than safety and other features.

This could be one of the reasons that certain mandatory safety features like Airbags in western markets are missing from majority of the locally assembled vehicles.

Majority Listen to Radio While Driving

Although YouTube, Facebook, and other online digital mediums have significantly altered the viewing and listening habits of people, they have yet to make significant inroad into car, as survey revealed that a massive 74% of consumers are still listening to radio while driving.

“With 50% of Pakistan’s internet population engaged with us, we take great pride in being the consumer voice when it comes to auto industry and these yearly surveys provide insight into future of auto industry in Pakistan” said Muhammad Raza Saeed, CEO PakWheels.com.

PakWheels.com was established in 2003 and has since then, helped millions of Pakistanis with buying and selling cars, bikes, auto parts; car news, reviews and information.

  • I don’t understand the “While the violation of insurance specific law could be attributed to
    lack of knowledge about this ordinance, the fact that significant number
    of drivers are also driving without a license points to a deeper issue
    at societal level.” part

    Car insurance, unlike many countries isn’t mandatory in Pakistan

    • ProPak is tabloid journalism. They frequently use click bait headlines and have facts missing or distorted. Pointing out logical flaws in their articles is a complete waste of our time.



      which says in section 6

      Driving motor vehicle without insurance coverage

      FINE: Rs 500/=

      Now I went and read


      on a site called PunjabLaws but I think it is Pakistan law, not Punjab only. In that Section 34 says

      34. Suspension of registration.– (1) A registering authority or any other prescribed authority may, after giving the owner an opportunity of making any representation he may wish to make, for reason to be recorded in writing, suspend the registration certificate of a motor vehicle, if–

      (a) the vehicle is not insured as required by law; or

      To me implies that MAYBE some other law or regulation lists the types of vehicles that need to be insured. It does not come out and say that ALL vehicles should be insured.

      But if I look at MOTOR VEHICLES ACT, 1939 on Punjabcode site of Pakistan’s Punjab, under section 94 it says

      94. Necessity for insurance against third part risk.— (1) No person shall use except as a passenger cause or allow any other person to use a motor vehicle in a public place, unless there is in force in relation to the vehicle by that person or that other person, as the case may be, a policy of insurance complying with the requirements of this Chapter.

      Some of the clauses are amended by Motor Vehicles Act of 1947 but others are still in force. But I have as a resident of Punjab never heard of required insurance.

  • I have found most of the contents here are offensive to Pakistan or representing bad side of our Country :/

    • Sorry to break it to you, but there is now way a sentence or paragraph or news story can be offensive to A COUNTRY. Countries have no feelings and cannot be offended.

      Only fake-ghairats can be offended, which you seem to be one of. I don’t know where you live that you think driving in Pakistan is sane and unlike depicted in the article. But I think until you lose a relative or friend to bad driving (as some of us here have), you will not care about bad driving in Pakistan. If that’s what it takes, then just wait a while, it’s bound to happen.

  • First panama drama to defame pakistan now this article to defame pakistan.Shame on pakwheels.

    • Nothing can defame Pakistan, only ACTIONS of PAKISTANIS can make Pakistan’s name muddy.

      Where do you live & drive that you feel this is defaming Pakistan? Bahria Town???

      • You should be ashamed of yourself instead of Defending Pakistani people you are now trying to fight with me over this baseless article.

        • what a joke. If you drive, you are one of the 75% GARANTEED. Articles which tell the truth are not baseless.

        • Dumb asshole, whats there to defend about not following rules or wearing seat belts?

          • Shut your mouth don’t think other people are like you if you don’t follow rules it does not mean other people don’t follow it as well.I will not tolerate if you try to defame me and my fellow citizens of Pakistan.

            • Well, idiot, the point of the survey behind the article is to find out how many people ADMIT to not following rules.
              And 75% of your fellow countrymen admit to that

              So you should simply ACCEPT reality instead of IMAGINING that “if you don’t follow rules it does not mean other people don’t follow it as well”

              If you follow rules great but you are a MINORITY

        • We must now let go the PTV type strategy, when we say “Sub Aucha Hai” than we actually are giving the impression that we do not want to change. I drive and I know we as a nation are very bad at following the rules at road, including me. That will only change if we will accept we are doing something bad.

  • I cant believe that 25% follow ?. Really i am surprised and happy that its 25%.
    I thought 99.999% driver break rules

  • The traffic rules is very bad in our country, often peoples don’t know how to drive car according to traffic rules, mostly bike drivers overtakes without seeing back therefore mostly cars cross motor cycles giving horn, what kind of this rule, mostly daweoo bus horn is just like as bomb is blast, even they use the horn in public area just like as this is his father property, traffic officers driver bikes without helmet, often I saw cars collapse with each other while sitting near the accident location police officer never came at accident point to make report!!!! What kind of rules in our country, in every country traffic rules are established by the efforts of traffic police department , if traffic police don’t care then proper process on traffic rules is impossible!!!

    • Assalamo alaikum sir,i just need an info.My parents are on permanent visa( residence visa)but i am on visit visa i could not get family visa because my age is 26 .i m unmarried.so kindly tell me how i can get residence visa or how my father can hold me under his kafalat .now i cannot go back to my home country because no close relative is living there and being a girl it is very difficult for me to live alone there.so kindly tell me the procedure ?

      • Boys above 18 years of age cannot get permanent family visa. If your girl is above 18, you need to affidavit that she is not married attested from notary public (court), Pakistan’s Foreign Office.

        • Thanks sir…but sir in Pak i have given affidavit that i am not married .Because affidavit is also requirement for visit visa. Now my father will has to make another affidavit from notary public court of jeddah or we can use the previous one which is also attested by pak govt?Notary pubic court it is a saudi institue? one more thing i will have to go back to my home country to get the residence visa or saudi govt will convert visit visa into permanent visa in saudia?

          • Converting visit visa into permanent visa while living in ksa is not easy process but you can read the experience of peoples from life in Saudi Arabia blogspot, notary public court is a Institute of Pakistan, however you can read the procedure of applying for permanent visa from life in Saudi Arabia blogspot, you will have to make some efforts for permanent visa but it is not impossible for unmarried girls according to Saudi rules.

        • AOA sir,I just want to get information.My brother lives in Pakistan.His age is 20 yrs.So can he get visit visa of KSA,or can he get the student visa of KSA.Plz tell me.

          • Sorry I don’t have more information about this, according to my knowledge it is impossible, but with help of agents maybe it will possible. Thanks

  • People in our country feel proud for not wearing seat belts. And when you are driving and ask the front passenger to wear seat belt , they reaction is like we have abused them. I guess less than 10% people follow the rules and majority are those people who have lived abroad or have driving license of another country too. Because this is the only way they know the traffic rules. Sadly , in Pakistan you can get your driving license by sitting in home , all you need is to have some money to bribe the relevant agent / officer.

  • Is that car insurance or the third party insurance which is compulsory? My understanding is 3rd party insurance is compulsory for all registered vehicles…

  • Pakistan Main Har Bande Ka Apna LAW Hai, Kisi Ko Pata Hi Nai LAW Hota Kya Hai :/
    Baghair Driving License Car Naam Bhi Ho Jati, Driver Bhi Ban Jata Hai, Aur Mazay Se Chala Bhi Raha Hota Hai -_-

  • Mein to koshish karta houn rat kay 2 bajy b signal na torun par agr dost sath houn to sab mazak banana shoru kar dety hein, we have to change our mindsets first.

  • AOA everyone,i just want to take some information.My sister recently married but still her father is her sponsor,she has not transferred her IQAMA to her husband. Bcz her husband facing some problem in his job so Is it possible that my sister (who is married but still under her father sponsorship)can transfer her husband IQAMA under her father sponsorship?Her husband can transfer his iqama under his wife sponsership?

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