Apple & Samsung The Only Profitable Smartphone Makers in Q2 2016

There are some stats which we hear a lot about but they still come as a shock. This is one of those stats.

This quarter only two companies were able to make some profit from the Smartphone industry, namely Apple and Samsung.

The former of the two romped its way to three-fourths of the industry’s profits from the sales of the iPhone, which actually are on a decline. Samsung, on the other hand, gained 31 percent of the industry’s profits which are still more than anyone other than the iPhone, mainly because no one else made any money.

Both Apple and Samsung also had the highest operating margins of anyone in the industry, at 38 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

Pretty much all other companies lost money on their phone sales, which should bring the chart closer to a hundred percent in this report from Cannacccord Genuity.

Microsoft and HTC lost most per every phone they make, at 22 percent. Lenovo sits below them at 10 percent, while LG and BlackBerry come next, losing 5 percent and 3 percent on all their smartphone sales.

There is less reason to believe that this hierarchy would change significantly in the near future. However, the entire table still shows a few interesting trends.

Apple for one used to get almost 90 percent of the profits until the end of last year but is losing out significantly now at Samsung’s expense.

In the same period, LG went in the red while HTC’s problems grew gradually worse. You can see the full table below:

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