Yahoo Hack Can Hinder Its Sale To Verizon

Yahoo can’t seem to get a break these days. The beleaguered internet company is set to be sold off to Verizon but new revelations have come to light that may very well affect its sale.

The company has revealed that it was the target of a massive data breach, after a hacker named “Peace” hacked several hundred million accounts of its users.

The issue’s gravity can be assessed by the fact that the US government are likely to investigate the issue and take legal actions related to the breach.

The hacker is said to have access to 200 million user accounts and he is selling them online. “It’s as bad as that,” said one source. “Worse, really.”

In 2012, Peace claimed on a website that he is charging around $1,800 for the information of 200 million users on the dark web. The information contains usernames, passwords, along with additional personal information like date of birth and alternate email addresses.

Yahoo stated that they were “aware of the claims” made by Peace during that time but they did not know whether it was a legitimate threat or not. At the time, the company claimed that internal investigations were being conducted. Even as a precaution the company did not generate an issue warning for the resetting of the passwords.

Hack Could Impact Yahoo Sale

This dilemma can hinder the agreement between Yahoo and Verizon worth $4.83 billion. However, both the companies met recently to discuss the issue. Sources claim that the deal will fall through but Verizon may use the leverage to renegotiate the price.

Should the report of Recode regarding the hack fall through, it can taint Marissa Mayer’s reputation. Under the former Google executive’s reign, Yahoo has seen its fortunes nosedive during the past four years.

“Her inability to turn Yahoo around or innovate any new products eventually led to the sale,” Recode reports.

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