Here’s How to Watch Pakistani Dramas Online

The internet has made it easier than ever to keep up with our favorite content, whether it’s dramas, music, movies or cat videos. Google and Facebook trends indicate that women are increasingly looking online to watch their favorite Pakistani and Indian dramas.


That makes sense too. In the busy lives of today, it’s hard to make time to sit in front of TV. So what’s the best way to keep up with your daily drama dose online?  That’s what we find out in this post.

So whether you are a fan of Humsafar, Man Mayal, Udaari, Sanam, Sange Mar Mar, Tum Kon Piya or Bulbulay, you will know where to watch them online for free.

The fun doesn’t stop there though. You can also watch old classic Pakistani dramas like Waris, Laag, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Jangloos, Khuda ki Basti on the internet easily. Something which would be quite difficult to do otherwise.

So let’s get started. This post will list different online resources you can use to watch Pakistani dramas, Indian dramas, TV & morning shows and Turkish dramas at the click of a button.

Watch Pakistani Dramas Online on YouTube

YouTube is internet’s home of videos. You can find everything from morning shows, Pakistani dramas, Hindi dramas, news shows and more uploaded to the site.


All you need to do is visit and search for your favorite online Indian or Pakistani drama and the episode number you want to watch e.g. “Besharam Episode 20” and that’s it.

You’ll find several results, some with good quality (HD) and some with average quality. You can generally assess the quality quickly by the number of views each search result has.

If you prefer to watch in high quality you might have to try a couple of videos. After that, remember the uploader’s name (Channel name) so that you can easily find good quality Pakistani Dramas Online at a later time.

One thing to note is that, you should wait at least a couple of hours after your favorite Indian or Pakistani dramas have aired on TV for them to be uploaded onto the internet. Indian dramas are usually already uploaded when they air in India.

Some popular YouTube Channels for watching Pakistani dramas and Indian dramas online are:

Watch Pakistani Dramas Online at Dedicated Websites

All of the drama TV channels have their own websites as well. You can go to a channel’s website to check out the latest Pakistani dramas online, live stream TV channels and watch dramas online for free.


Some TV channels websites are listed below:

Other than these websites, there are loads of places you can watch Pakistani dramas and Indian dramas online for free, some of which are listed below:

Watch Pakistani Dramas Online on Smartphones and Tablets

If you don’t have access to your TV or a computer screen, you can always use your smartphone to watch online Pakistani dramas or Indian dramas. There are plenty of good apps which allow you to watch content you may have missed out on or want to see after it has been aired.

Here’s a list of Android Apps which let you watch recorded Pakistani dramas from all local channels:

  • Pakistani Dramas Download Here
  • Pak Dramas Download Here
  • Pakistani Dramas YouTube Player Download Here
  • Hum TV Download Here
  • Pakistani TV Dramas Download Here

Other than these free apps, you can also enjoy a much superior experience by using subscription based apps like PTCL Smart TV app (Play Store, Apple iTunes).

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