Apple Employee Spills the Beans on the Next iPhone

We are fresh off the launch of the iPhone 7 but Apple is already gearing up for its next flagship phone. Talking to Business Insider, an Apple employee working on the project, spilled the beans on what is likely a major release in Apple’s product cycle.

For starters, the phone could skip on the “S” in its name and go straight to the iPhone 8 moniker. This change is a departure from the usual Apple naming scheme but makes sense as the “S” phones usually denote an incremental change, which is what a lot of people feel about the current phone.

The design is also said to be different from that of the existing iPhones. There are rumors of all sorts regarding the design, so it is better to wait and see. We could finally be seeing a ceramic or a curved glass build, though.

He also reckons Apple will bring an improved camera to the next iPhone, which is something expected in every Apple release.

This Apple employee belongs to Apple’s R&D center in Israel and solders components, rather than assembling. The center is known for playing its role in cameras, flash storage and connectivity.

Meanwhile, the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the next iPhone to come with an all-glass finish and a stainless steel frame, a prediction which is much more ambitious.

If rumours are to be believed, the tenth-anniversary edition of the iPhone will get people just as excited as the earlier phones. Apple is known for meticulously covering up rumours so a comment is highly unlikely. Expect a barrage of leaks to start emerging in the coming months, though.

Image Source: QueryAnswered

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