Facebook Now Lets Pages Tag Products in Photos, Videos & Posts

Until not too long ago, the tag option in Facebook was used exclusively to annoy other people. However, the network may have found a way to help businesses monetize from the concept.

Facebook has started to experiment by allowing Pages to tag their own products in photos, videos and posts. Clicking the tag would take you to the page of the product. The feature may be simple, but it will allow quicker and efficient discovery of products and provide a one stop shop to get more information about them.

The feature was first discovered by Business Insider, which got a notification for the feature in its account. It reached out to Facebook for comment which confirmed its existence.

To provide Page admins with more tools to drive organic product discovery, we’re testing the ability to tag products in photos, videos and posts,” the statement from Facebook reads.

Any timeline or depth as to its arrival is yet to be seen, however, as of now, pages with their own product catalog and shop section on Facebook can make use of this feature.

The feature is yet another in Facebook’s endless quest to make itself as feature-rich as possible for businesses. Just recently, it outed Messenger Day, its blatantly similar concept to Snapchat Stories on Messenger. Quite a bold move, especially when you consider the fact that Facebook tried to buy Snapchat back in the days.

At least, the transformation of tagging into a profit-making tool won’t raise quite as many eyebrows as the Messenger Day.

Via: Business Insider