You Can Now Transform Videos to Art Using the Prisma App

The popular photo editing app that took the world by a storm is now introducing a new feature. Prisma can now transform 15 second video clips into pieces of art.

Prisma Popularity

Prisma came out a couple of months ago on Android and iOS. The new photo editing app seemed to add some filters on top of user photos but it wasn’t the case. The app turned those pictures into works of art following design elements and touches used by famous painters. Prisma used deep learning algorithms to recreate the images from the ground up instead of editing the original image.

It gained immense popularity on both Android and iOS with more than 10 million downloads on Android and iOS with 4 million images edited through the app. The app has become increasingly popular in Pakistan as users like to transform their pictures and share these new works of art with their friends across social media networks.

The app does not require any sort of payment and is free to use. You can use all of its features for free without having to pay for additional features (like freemium apps).

The New Video Editing Update

A recent update to the app allows you to add similar effects to 15 second videos as well, making them look like comic strips or light novels. such short videos are often shared on social networks like Instagram. The videos will be processed on your phone so you don’t need to be online to edit them. For now there are 9 different effects or styles available for the video clips.


The video will take even longer than the photos for adding your desired effect, some users are saying it took several minutes for just a 10 second clip. Considering the intense algorithms at work, the slightly longer time is to be expected.

Here’s a clip edited through prisma:

For now the video editing is available only on iOS. The update will arrive on Android in the upcoming weeks. The company is also hinting at GIF support but it hasn’t given a date or time period for when they will be adding it.

Download Prisma on iTunes Appstore from here.

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