Another Fake Indian Actor Account Fools Pakistani Media Yet Again!

We never learn. Or at least, certain sections of the Pakistani media never do.

Recently, tensions between nuclear-armed neighbors Pakistan and India have been spilling over to many other spheres than just politics. In fact, following the ban on Pakistani artistes performing in India, Pakistani cinemas retaliated by slapping a ban on Indian films screened here.

In this backdrop, we have seen many media outlets getting loose with the truth when it fits them. The Indian media broke news of a ‘surgical strike’ that never was and now, it seems our media channels have also gone a bit overboard, even if it is over a less serious thing.

Recently, Pakistani media channels started to carry tweets from noted Indian actor Om Puri, who was also briefly in Pakistan recently promoting his film Actor-in-Law. Only one problem. The tweets quoted and attributed to Mr. Puri are not his to begin with.

After falling victim to the fake Rani Mukherjee account on Twitter, it appears trolls have fooled Pakistani media once again with fake Om Puri accounts.

As it turns out, there’s not just one fake account attributed to the Indian actor. Here is one of them @_OmPuri:


And this one is by @OmPuriSays:


It should be mentioned that the real Om Puri has spoken out in favor of Pakistani artistes and have appreciated them as well. Pakistani and Indian media outlets have covered this development as well, though some enterprising troll has decided to get his 15 minutes of fame by mimicking Om Puri’s statements while adding some political mirch masala tweets as well.

Fake or not, its certain that Rani Mukherjee has competition on Twitter now. Or maybe all the accounts are managed by one individual only?

  • Real account hota to usko Pakistan ka favor karnay k ilawa kuch or kam bhi hona chahiye tha, nai? Is par to har bat hi Pakistan k baray me hai -_- Andhay to nai ho gaye Media walay, ya dimag satak gya lagta! :D

  • unfortunately these fake accounts has been proven to be operated by farhan virk time and again. Whereas our media portrays him some as social media genius. Enough to tell you bout the quality and authenticity of our media channels

  • Pak media is as “talented” as the rest of nation . . . waqai . . . es mulk mei bada “talent” hy

  • Aare sahab, aap ko kia lagta hai ke humare media wale itne nanhe kakey hain ke unko nahi pata kaunsa original account hai aur kaunsa fake? Yeh sab gorakh dhanda hai bhai, in OM Puri sahab ne ek Pakistani movie main kaam jo kia hai ab woh movie tu India ki hate main flop nahi karwani na, so media ke zariye OM Puri sahab ko tu hero bana hi dia aur sath sath 1.5 minutes ka masla bhi mil gaya news bulletin ke liye.

    Maze ki baat, I wonder ke 15th October ke baad is tarah ki khabar ko PEMRA indian content consider karega ya Pakistani?

    • maza aa gaya jo bat ma na likhi this shayd itni detail sa na likh pata ap na ker di……………sahi kaha inho na kamana tu ha aur flim pa paisa b laga hova ha pakistani qoom tamashai qoom ha jahan tamasha dekha wahan hajoom bana lia ……. is mamlay indian aik qoom bantay ha wo Pakistanio ka peechay nahi martay jitna yahan ki farigh awam indian actors ka peechay laate jati ha,,,,,,,

      • dost we are kind of brain washed, humari quam budi nahi hai. Yehi qaum just apne religion par paki hojae aur isi qaum ko ek sahi leadership mil jae tu koi qaum khari nahi hosakti iske aage.

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