Facebook Launches Dedicated App for Events

Facebook’s quest to slowly take over other pre-installed apps on your handset continues. Its latest standalone Events app may appear pretty self-explanatory at first but could actually be a potent calendar replacement for your phone and is already available.

Events are certainly a huge part of Facebook’s experience being used by more than 650 million people, including 100 million people who turn in every day, meriting a dedicated place in app stores.

The new dedicated Events app shows you the stuff happening around you depending on your area or interests. Pages you follow who are hosting events show up while you will also know whether the said events have your friends interested in or participating.


Further, there’s also a map, coupled with custom searches, to better help you see the activities happening around you and plan ahead. The app’s feed combines updates from all the places you’re hooked to,and more.

The app features the good-old calendar which has the option to be integrated with your phone’s pre-installed calendar app or through Apple’s iCloud and Google Calendar.

The app could go the Messenger route, taking away the events functionality from the main app but it is too early to predict that scenario. The app certainly has the potential to be a one-stop shop for deciding future commitments.

Of course, the app is still largely linked to the main app, so the events you are interested in will still appear in the main app. The app, along with 17 other apps made available by Facebook, is available for US iPhone users as of now and is coming to Android and other markets in the near future.

iOS app can be downloaded from here.