Online Passport Renewal Service Launched in Pakistan

Slowly but surely, the government is delivering on some of its promises. Like we reported in the past, NADRA and Directorate General of Immigration and Passports have collaborated to commence online passport or e-passports services, starting today.

According to Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan, the system will spread within two years. It is aimed to reduce the queues at passport offices and help people renew their passports via Internet.

“People will be able to get e-passports sitting at home,” said the Interior Minister.

Pakistan has only 95 passport offices across the country, which poses a lot of problems to the concerned people. Even though the number of passport offices were planned to increase, the e-passport project could not be held back due to its accessibility.

You can now apply for your passport online.

Application Procedure for Getting Passport Online

The process is fairly simple.

You just have to visit Directorate General of Immigration and Passports’ website (Click Here).

Follow the steps accordingly:

  • Register your account
  • Lodge an application for renewal of your passport
  • Pay fee through credit or debit card

Prerequisites for Passport Process

Basic information is to be provided along with couple of passport size photographs, fingerprint scans and supporting documents required during the application.

According to the website, it will take no more than 17 minutes to complete the passport renewal application online.

Fee Structure for Passports

The fee structure is easy to comprehend as well. A detailed table highlights all the key aspects below:


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  • Good News! Please allow for renewals due to running out of pages in the passport, very common problem for people who travel frequently. I believe only expired or soon to expire passports can be renewed with this service?

      • Excellent Service, friends received their passports on the 9th day after applying in Dubai. However, as per your suggestion, I sent couple of emails on the address you mentioned but didnt get a reply yet. Really looking forward to renewals through the website for passports that ran out of pages but expiry is still far away. Can you please push for this from your end?

        • @Azfar Raza did you get any approval mail after successful submission of online application ?
          i got only one mail when i submitted online
          Thank you for submitting your application for Online Passport.

  • Good step by Pakistani government but service charges is not justice with citizens because this is not private service and government should give relief to peoples that they don’t go to passport office for avoiding themselves from service charges.

  • Not available for local residents as it wants you to select country of residence and pakistan is not in the list.

    • it means the whole article is wrong. Writer didn’t know that it is only for pakistani citizen living abroad.

    • Do you mean when signing up? Pakistan is the first option :/
      I’m still waiting on my Email though; been a few hours

      • Have you received the confirmation email, madam? Just to make sure check your spam folder as well (although we try our best that our email never land in there).

        • Hi Dev, you seem to be from MOFA. I got the approval email, how long would you think It’ll take to reach the passport to me in Dubai? I applied for urgent service.

  • Kindly test out the service or at least verify what you are publishing as the website you have linked does not provide Pakistan to be selected as country of residence and is therefore of no use to us living in Pakistan.

  • انتہائی مایوس کن۔۔۔۔جمہوریہ آئر لینڈ لسٹ میں نہیں ہے۔۔۔کیا کوئی بتا سکتا ہے کہ ایسا کیوں ہے۔۔ہماری ڈبلن ایمبیسی صرف مینیول پاسپورٹ
    جاری کررہی ہے۔۔۔۔:(

  • I registered. Didnt get the password. Perhaps its a new promotion for government stealing credit card numbers and other info from email accounts registered.

    • Can you check your email? The confirmation email should be there. If not, just check your spam folder to make sure. And CC can’t be stealed through a simple email address. If that would have been the case, the world will be on fire.

  • Email and account created successfully. Now filling information but what to select for country of residence if you are applying from Pakistan. I guess this service is only available for foreign Pakistan living abroad.

    • Yes. Right now the service is only for overseas Pakistanis. It is going to be launched in the coming 6 months in Pakistan.

  • This has not launched for local residents, or maybe not enabled yet, regardless, do some research before pushing something live.

  • Everything’s been going smooth as yet until i reach the ‘Personal Info’ tab; When I Update the ‘personal info’ page and click ‘Next’, it directs me to an error URL ‘’ and application process halts. :/

  • Everything’s went fine till I reached the ‘Personal Info’ tab; When I Update the ‘personal info’ page and click ‘Next’, it directs me to an error URL ‘’ and application process halts.

    I’ve tried it on ‘Chrome’ Version 53.0.2785.143 and ‘Internet Explorer’ version 11.0.9600.18449, running on windows 7 professional.

  • @disqus_RmkGnLa6du:disqus
    Hi Dev,

    Thank you very much for keeping us informed from last few months.

    Could you please help me in fixing one error, I have already started application and paid fee, however while filling personal information, when I click next, every time I am having a following error message; Would you please have a look and suggest me on how to fix it? Thank you Sir!!

      • @ DEv: After successful payment since 5 hours, I am unable to process the next stage of personal information (4/10). The webpage says ‘something went wrong from our side’…..
        How long such situation would continue??

        Kindly help me . I am running out of time. I already emailed to aforementioned email ID but no reply. Should I wait until tomorrow or better to visit consulate in person. Awaiting your reply

          • @disqus_RmkGnLa6du:disqus This error is producing on 2nd step even i tried to start new application with the same user. The error is keep coming on paid application on personal info which redirects the url to Error page. i have submitted my query to the address you mentioned but it seems like we have wasted our money on this system. do you even have a QA team to find out very simple and common error regenerating for every user?

          • @ Dev: After 24hours, no reply from nadra support email service. Unable to reach 0800 34477 ‘hotline’. I am still stuck in the mid way. Can’t get the fee back & don’t want to pay again at consulate. What a mess!!!

            We are asked to tell our delivery address & pay fee immediately at the start of renewal application? why!! Instead fee should be demanded when we have successfully completed our application. The current application structure of NADRA MRP portal is unfair. I started applying on 13th Oct 16 at 14:00 PST (approx) & still on stage 4/10. Feeling ‘homely’ in abroad after going through all this.

            • @disqus_hOIQNBLo97:disqus i paid 9457 RS & having the same problem in Personal Information page. i Cant believe they launched the system with out proper testing.

              • @disqus_2Aq7gvAxJR:disqus: bhai we are the victims of ‘test run’. Can’t get the fee back as it went to black hole. They all are enjoying weekend & we………….besides there is another challenge to take finger prints properly …a little omission would give rejection. Allah malik hai bhai…umeed hai Halal ki kamayee zaya nahi jayey gi (Aameen)

                • @disqus_hOIQNBLo97:disqus the irony is Pakistani embassies are much bigger mess then passport offices in Pakistan. Now we have not only wasted our money here, we have to pay again in embassy and we are also going to lose 2 complete day salary just to submit the application for renewal and in collection of passport.

                  • @Arslan: Did you get any info from NADRA about processing /expected delivery of passport? I got approval notification on 17th OCt but so far so clue where my application stands now! I wrote to ‘Dev’ but he is also not responding???

                    • @Arslan: In case you got approval email from NADRA then I am pretty sure, your passport is printed by now(in case it was urgent renewal).

                      QUICKEST OPTION: Ask someone in Pakistan to send ur tracking ID to 9988 via sms (mentioned on DGIP web). You will get the actual status of your passport processing immediately as reply.

                      To be more precise & for self-satisfaction, call this passport helpline number in Islamabad +92519107220. In case you are lucky enough to talk then give your tracking ID to the representative & full name. He will confirm your current status. These both options 100% worked for me after untiring online hunt & phone calls. All the best.

                    • @smax did you received your passport the sms says its dispatched by i dont know by which service they are sending our passports

                    • @ Arslan: I am expecting mine until this Wed. Congrats…as per sms, it should be on the way to your current address. As per my knowledge/experience, DGIP is dispatching via DHL.
                      Add 9 days (approx) to the date of dispatchment, you got in sms reply. :)

                    • @smax have you got your passport ?,how long you wait to get approval mail after successful submission of application ?

                    • Dear brother
                      Did you recive your passport yet ?
                      Because i submitted mine at 23/10/2016
                      And recived email of confermation.
                      How long dose it take ?

                    • Dear brother
                      Did you recive your passport yet ?
                      Because i submitted mine at 23/10/2016
                      And recived email of confermation.
                      How long dose it take ?

                    • @Jeffry: AlhamdulliAllah, I received mine on this Monday via DHL. In my case it took 9 days from online submission to approval > Printing > home delivery.
                      In your case, I would say it might arrive at the beginning of Nov. For more details, try to write email to: or call at 009251 9107220 or ask someone in Pakistan to send your tracking ID/token nr to ‘9988’. You will get the status update. I hope it helps

                    • Keep trying this nr 009251 9107220 or email to info@dgip You can get accurate info about current status only from this helpline number in case you are lucky enough to get connected. They are available until 12am. So try now / keep trying to dial. To me it took 14 attempts in 6 days at various intervals. Finally I got the chance to speak with them. Wish you best of luck

                    • @Jeffry u got any approval mail from Nadra ,i applied on 24/10/2016 ,when tracking giving information ” Token information is not available ” even i called they said they have not received data

                    • Yes I received my passport .
                      Dhl well call you if they received it .
                      Don’t worry insha’ALLAH you well receive i soon .it toked 8 days after approval to recive i at home .

                    • Dear brother
                      Did you recive your passport ?
                      I’ve submitted mine at 23/10/2016
                      Didn’t find any thing through traking id by sms
                      Any tips ?

                    • hello @smax, have you received your passport, how long did it take after getting approval email?

                    • @muna: My MRP was printed on the same date/day of approval email. In my case, It took 10 days from printing>dispatch>home delivery. Ask someone in Pak to send your token/tracking ID as sms to “9988” (mentioned on DGIP website). You will get the current processing status of your MRP.

          • @Dev: Yesterday I got ‘APPLICATION APPROVAL NOTIFICATION’ email from NADRA. However the current ‘action status’ of my application at E-Portal is appearing ‘N/A’ !

            May I kindly inquire how long might it take further until the application undergoes for printing & subsequently for postage? NADRA UAN (111786***) is also clueless about this service as they don’t have access to my/our tracking ID. Thanks

          • On 17th Oct 16, I got ‘APPLICATION APPROVAL NOTIFICATION’ email from NADRA. However the current ‘action status’ of my application at E-Portal is appearing ‘N/A’ !

            May I kindly inquire how long might it take further until the application undergoes for printing & subsequently to be dispatched for postage? How to track the current application status besides applicant portal? NADRA UAN is also clueless about my application status..

      • Thank you Dev, this issue has been resolved and I have successfully applied for the renewal. Thanks again.

    • Hi, I’ve been facing the exact same issue (got the account created, made the payment , stuck at 4/10 ‘personal information page’ . E-Mailed the support, been 24 hours but no reply, not even a ticket acknowledgement.

  • don’t apply through this, if due to any reason your application rejected they’ll not return your fees. I have experience with online CNIC renewal. As they rejected the application due to finger print mismatch & also didn’t return the fee.

    • Fingerprint mismatch has two categories. If your fingerprints wasn’t matched with your set already in the DB and it didn’t match with any other fingerprint set as well (due to low quality for example), then all you need to do is resend your fingerprints in the desired DPI to If your fingerprint matched with another record, then that is marked as fraud. That application can’t be revivied online. If you think it is the former, give me your tracking ID and you won’t have to pay anything.

      • Well 1st time I upload the form they deferred the application as the fingerprint wasn’t clear. then I send clear print via mail & it was rejected as they say finger print didn’t match with the record they already have. i inquire from NADRA office either i can now proceed the same application here but they say they don’t have any record against this tracking no you have to reprocess your case with new fees.

        • This is strange to know.
          I send my fingerprints almost 5 times due to the same fingerprint mismatch issue. However, they did not deferred my case completely. I guess there might be some other case.

  • @dev

    Hi Dev. Had a question.

    My mother is an overseas Pakistani and has a NICOP. She is currently in Pakistan. Is it possible to get the new passport at the Pakistani address or it absolutely necessary that
    the passport will be delivered at the overseas address?

    Would highly appreciate it. Thanks

    • Sir, the passport needs to be delivered at her overseas address. From your perspective this seems simple to deliver it here but from an operational point of view, it isn’t possible. Sorry for the inconvenience in this case.

      • Thank you for that, Dev.

        a. Just wanted to confirm how many days are meant by:

        Normal and Urgent.

        b. And please correct me if I`m wrong, what your’e saying is that the passport will be delivered directly at the overseas address? No need to go the embassy for pickup?

        c. My mother’s residency visa for Kuwait is on the current passport. Residency expires in July 2017 and the passport expires in March. She is travelling in a few months. I was wondering if it is a good idea to apply for passport renewal just before travelling to save time and get the visa transferred to the new one when she gets there.

        But my main concern is if the passport is in process of renewal while she travels, her visa will be on the previous passport, is that going to be a problem? Or should she only apply once she is there.

        Would highly appreciate your advice. Thank you.

        • Passport can be delivered on either her residency (extra Rs 1000) or to the consulate (free delivery). It’s her choice which one is more convenient. I won’t be able to answer the other question regarding the timing of renewal sir since I am a technical person and don’t want to create any problems for you guys by answering a question I am not fully capable of answering. Asking DG&IP people might be a better option. Thanks

  • @disqus_RmkGnLa6du:disqus Can You Please tell me Why Republic Of Ireland is not in Residence Country List ?

    • Helpline Number mention on website +92 0800 34477 is not accessible
      I tried with different formats ie 00925180034477, 0092080034477, 009251080034477, 00922180034477, 00922108003477, none of them is working,also email them and never got reply
      dont know whats going on.. Still in Dark Mood
      Please help

    • What kind of error? Can you send a screenshot to the support email? I am asking this so that your personal info isn’t disclosed on a public forum. If you can describe when the error page is generated (steps you took before) it will be easy for us to figure out.

        • Sir, I have already submitted your query to DG&IP people. Republic of Ireland and Nigeria are the two countries people have been asking about here. As soon as I get an update, I will let you know.

          • Thanks … Hope will get Respond Soon… Also tell me Why Your Helpline Number is not Reachable ? I tried with different formats ie 00925180034477, 0092080034477, 009251080034477, 00922180034477, 00922108003477, none of them is working

          • @Dev Please i need your urgent advice ,I talk to kenya embassy they agreed to receive the passport and they can send it to me Lagos Nigeria
            When i am filling form they are asking your present country of residence should i use Pakistan so for Nigeria is not in the List and i use Kenya Embassy as delivery address of passport
            Please please reply me on this matter

          • @disqus_RmkGnLa6du:disqus hello Dev, I just wanted to confirm that i received an approval email 10 days agao in other words 7 working days ago but i have not received my passport yet, it says it takes 10 working days, does it count from submition or getting the approval email. many thanks.

            • @sher: how much time they took to approve the applicaiton?
              It’s alomst 8 days and I didn’t get any email or any confirmation.

  • @ Dev…
    The information page displays marital status and you can not change it. Can you help in how to fix the issue.
    It is selected to unmarried and there is no possibility of changing it.

  • it gives me an error everytime i hit the next button after the last part of the application and none of the call centers are working where can I find help.

  • @disqus_RmkGnLa6du:disqus Can you please let me know the status of my appliaiton I submitted on 1st of Nov, 2016. I didn’t get any confirmation email and status is shwoing in-process.

    • Hi Umad. I also did not get any confirmation after i submitted my application on 2nd of Nov. Di you manage to get any info? Would you like to share?

  • Hello Dev.
    I need an urgent help. I applied for my passport 2 days ago and after 1st comfirmation email didn’t get any mail. So i don’t really know what’s going on with my application. I want to ask you how long it will take to get approval and being delivered. My tracking id is 99991009221. Please dev i need your help thanks

    • Hi @disqus_LXPBapzEuA:disqus ,
      Did you get any update on your application? I’m facing the same thing.

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