Telenor Pakistan and Beaconhouse School System Break Guinness World Record

Telenor Pakistan, in collaboration with Beaconhouse School System, has officially broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ‘Longest Chain of People Clasping Wrists’.

The official attempt to make the new record took place on 29th September 2016 at Jinnah Stadium, Sports Complex Islamabad, where 2,950 participants formed the human chain and kept it intact for 60 seconds.

The participants included employees of Telenor Pakistan and students of Beaconhouse School System who formed the chain to show solidarity with Telenor Pakistan’s initiative to promote safe use of internet, especially amongst the youth, as the company builds on its ambition to provide ‘Internet for All.’

Forming the world’s longest chain of people clasping wrists was part of the activities performed on 29th September when Telenor Pakistan celebrated ‘Customer First Day’ for the fifth consecutive year.


To highlight the responsible use of internet, Telenor centered its annual day dedicated to customers on taking a stand for Safe Internet. In addition to breaking the world record, Telenor employees in seven regions visited schools and public arenas to inform and engage thousands of children and parents in Safe Internet use.

“We believe it is important to educate and raise awareness on using internet safely so that young people can make wise online choices and be safe in the cyber sphere. As one of Pakistan premier telecom and digital companies, we consider it our responsibility to educate people of the power of internet and the responsibility that comes with it,” said, Malik Faisal Qayyum, Director Customer Centricity Telenor Pakistan.

Commenting on the achievement, he added, “We are humbled by this unique achievement, which would not have been possible without the support of students from Beaconhouse School System. We are delighted that our combined efforts have brought this honor to Pakistan.”

Mr Nassir Kasuri, Executive Director Beaconhouse shared his excitement of collaborating with Telenor. “We are thankful to Telenor Pakistan for collaborating with us to create this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title. Telenor’s vision of on safe usage of internet is in line with ours and together we pledge to create awareness about safe internet usage in our schools as well. Our students must know how to keep themselves and others digitally safe.”

Ms. Seyda Subasi-Gemici who adjudicated the attempt on behalf of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS added: “We congratulate everybody involved on their record-breaking achievement.”

  • Dear Telenor and Beaconhouse, stop wasting everyone’s time by making such lame Guinness records. They count for nothing.
    It’s the same fascination which our dear CM Punjab had in roping in every and any dumb record under the sun because the “real work” the research and advancement work requires time and effort.

    • Don’t be so conservative brother, If you can’t do something, why pulling legs? and all making chain are educated enough to know what is right and what is wrong and they volunteered for it.

      • Dear Sohaib,
        1. Pointing out time wasters is not pulling legs.
        2. Apparently both Telenor and Beaconhouse were not educated “enough”.
        3. I have little love and patience for corporate behemoth like Beaconhouse who have successfully made an industry out of a basic amenity of life which is “education”.
        4. It is no co-incidence that owners of these education enterprises as well as cellular giants are linked, earn hefty profits, dole out these gimmicks and what do we get? ***ewed up education facilities for kids of a commoner like me ….

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