iPhone 7 Comes With a Built-in Solution in Case Your Home Button Malfunctions

One of the biggest design changes featured in the new iPhone 7 is the replacement of the physical home button with a capacitive pressure-sensitive one. However, we didn’t quite know what happened in case a button malfunctioned until now.

Should the calamity occur, the iPhone 7 adds a small on-screen button towards the bottom, followed by a disclaimer to get the phone serviced. Even if the latter process is tricky, Apple has made sure your experience isn’t hindered while you wait to get your phone fixed.

The feature was uncovered after MacRumor member iwayne experienced the malfunction, where upon a restart the iPhone 7 jumped between losing the key and “firing 3-4 times in a row” when pressed, before a subsequent reboot made the button die altogether.


However, it has been reported that the button tends to freeze if the OS freezes, which should be the worrying part. With rumors that the iPhones might lose the button altogether with the iPhone 8 for an on-screen button, the functionality is certainly a start for Apple to introduce an one.

In any case, the chances of a malfunction are lower than they used to be. With the iPhone 7, Apple debuted IP67-certification for the first time in an iPhone for an increased peace of mind, though you won’t be offered any warranty for such damage.

The fact that the Taptic Engine has no moving parts should further give some hope to users, but it is good to know that your experience won’t be completely coming to a standstill in case your luck turns on you.

Image Source: iDownloadBlog, WCCFtech

  • i think this is problem with taptic engine , macbook’s touchpad also stops responding(does not click) if system is hung . Restarting system gives it new birth on laptop :P i hope same goes for mobile.

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