Uber is Offering Free Rides for a Week To Celebrate Launch of UberAuto

Uber today officially launched its uberAUTO service in Lahore that will allow riders to opt for less-expensive rides with-in the city through rickshaws.

Uber has said that its offering Rickshaw drivers to get on-board after submitting valid government issued documents that are verified before being given access to Uber’s technology.

Furthermore, uberAUTO will launch in Lahore with a free week. Which means each Uber rider will get 5 free uberAUTO rides up to Rs. 80 (per ride) from Monday 17th October, 2016 to Sunday 23rd October, 2016.

uberAUTO service was inaugurated by Umar Saif, Head of the PTIB.

UberAuto Prices in Lahore

  • UberAuto Base Fare: Rs 45 base fare
  • Per KM Charges: Rs 4 per km
  • Time Charges: Rs. 1 per minute

In order to use uberAUTO, a user will need to download the Uber App from any App store and request a ride from the app.

uberAUTO works exactly the same as like the other option, uberGO, on the app. Riders can request for an auto rickshaw ride by tapping the uberAUTO icon.

A typical trip from Samanabad to Anarkali will cost Rs 50, while a trip from Arfa Technology Park to Race Course Park will cost Rs 60 or around.

Users can pay for their trip via cash, or Debit/Credit card.


  • right now it seems a lot cheaper than curent Rikshaw fares, lets see what comes out of it in pactice

    • It works. I use to pay using my MasterCard. Check if your card is active for Internet. Your bank’s helpline will be able to assist you.

      • My visa debit card is activated and i always use it for online shopping and it works. But i get error when card payment is selected. I tried to contact Uber and they said send copy of cnic or passport n visa card. If the card works it will be much easier n hassle free from keeping cash n change. Payments will automatically be deducted from account.

  • Dont write wrong fares. How is it possible riding from Arfa Tower to Race Course in Rs. 60. Base charge 45, in Rs. 15 you are covering a distance of 11.5km

    Even if I assume base charge is not included in that price, then the time estimate of 14 min is just impossible for a rickshaw.

  • This just sounds unreal to me. I pay Rs.250 for a 25 minute, 14/15 km ride every day in a traditional Rickshaw. Given Uber’s fare structure, it would only cost me Rs.130. What’s happening?

    • This same thing happened to me when Uber Go recently launched in Karachi. I got free rides but when i make request no car was coming or accepting the request. N if someone did they would have been cancelling. Same Cheating tactics with Uber Auto this time.

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