Recover Your Lost Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with Giveaway!

When you use a PC, mobile, removable storage or any other type of media with storage, every now and then accidental clicks or activity could result in the loss of data. Most users think that once data is deleted or corrupted (or simply inaccessible), it is lost. That, however, is not true.

Most often than not you can restore every lost/deleted file or files successfully. All you need to do is be ready or at least be careful once you’ve lost your data. Go through the proper steps and you can get all of your data back by using a free data recovery software. One particular tool we have in mind today is EaseUS Data Recovery software, which is one of the most popular hard disk management tools around.


Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent features available when using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  • Recover data which was deleted, formatted, corrupted by virus attack, or lost due to partition loss, OS crashes or any other mishap.
  • Data recovery is possible through quick and deep scan modes
  • File recovery is possible for all file types including music, documents, videos and emails.
  • Preview files to assess data recovery chances
  • Import or export scan results
  • Data recovery is possible for PCs, laptops, digital devices, hard drives, removable devices etc.
  • Raw recovery is supported by EaseUS’s data recovery software
  • Bootable media for data recovery at boot is supported by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro + WinPE

Improve Data Recovery Chances

Every user is advised to have a file recovery software like the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard already installed. When some data is lost, it is still present in the disk and only the location is lost to the OS, i.e. the flag is deleted or missing.

In order to protect your lost data you must not write anything on the drive which contains the lost files. If you write anything or install any software, you risk damaging your lost data reducing the chances that the data recovery software can perform the operation successfully.

You should not even download or install the data recovery software (in case you don’t have it installed already) on the same drive which contains the lost data.

Guide to Restoring a File

More often than not, your deleted files could be in the Recycle Bin. In case they are not, go through the data recovery procedure detailed below to get your files back. It is a very easy process and requires you to go through 3 very easy steps.

Step 1

Start off by downloading and installing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (download links given below). After you are done, launch the EaseUS data recovery software.


Select the file types you want to recover and the click the “Next” button.

Step 2

From the list of drives displayed on the screen, choose the drive which contained the lost or deleted file. You can also choose a certain folder as the location as well. In case you lost your whole partition, it should be listed under the “Lost Disk Drives” section.


Select the appropriate drive and click the “Scan” button to start the recovery process.

Step 3

After the scan has been completed, you will be provided with an extensive list of files. You can preview all of the files to see whether your file can be recovered. Sometimes, filenames are lost and you have to view the files to see whether it is the right one.


From the list, you can select the files from any folders (directories) you want. Once done, click the “Recover” button, choose the directory where you want the files to be restored and wait a moment for the process to complete.

Free Download

You can download EaseUS’s data recovery software for free.

Download for Windows: Link

EaseUS Giveaway Competition

For a limited time only, EaseUS is launching a Halloween competition where you can take part to win some exciting prizes.

The competition will start on Oct 20, 2016 and will end on Oct 31, 2016. You can take part in show off competition to get a $30 gift card or try your luck at the lottery to get free EaseUS software and gift cards in lottery.

You can take part in the event by visiting this page.

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