Uber Introduces Dynamic Pricing in Pakistan

After surge pricing, Uber has introduced dynamic pricing in Pakistan. Uber says that the measure was introduced in Pakistan in times when demand is too high and cars in a specific area are hard to come by.

In order to combat the gap in supply, Uber has enticed drivers to come out during peak demand hours with dynamic pricing.

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Users of Uber are no fans of surge pricing. When the demand is too high, the Uber app features a pop-up box and certain icons that notify users that Uber rides will be available at higher-than-normal prices.

In order to soothe its customers, Uber has alternatively come up with dynamic pricing. Only difference is that Uber tries to be subtle with it, as opposed to many tell-tale indicators that users face when surge pricing is in effect.

You only see the fare for the ride upfront in the app. Unlike surge pricing, you don’t see multipliers and other things that make you bust out a calculator. Uber is going to notify users that dynamic pricing is in effect in big Bold print during peak demand times. That’s just about it.

Here’s How it Works

Using the app, you can use the Estimate Fare option to calculate your fare before you request a ride. If the dynamic pricing is in effect, the app will calculate the fare of your ride with respect to the current rates that Uber has.


The idea is that users aren’t surprise when it comes to fare calculation. It is simpler.

Additionally, you can now pay for your Uber ride with cash as well.

All this being said, dynamic pricing seems to be a measure to shift the focus away from the unpopularly portrayed and titled Surge Pricing. In effect, the fares from dynamic pricing are more or less the same from those users can get from Surge Pricing..

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  • “Additionally, you can now pay for your Uber ride with cash as well.”

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