Second SEEK Social Media Meetup to Take Place in Lahore

ArcherEye is organising its second SEEK Social Media Meetup later this month. After the successful public response for the first SEEK Meetup in Islamabad, the organisers are ready to bring the event to Lahore.

A Brief History of SEEK

SEEK Meetup is a platform where social media stars, journalists and senior academics come together to discuss deep rooted problems related to Pakistan and come up with solutions. It started with ArcherEye, an online platform for revolutionary discussions, but quickly grew giving birth to SEEK social media meetup.

The initial meetup was about Islam, Pakistan, Secularism and Pakistan’s future. Popular columnists Aamir Khakwani, Umar Cheema; Academics like Professor Fateh Malik; Writers such as Ahmed Iqbal and Facebook stars like Farnood Alam participated in the event. The 8 hour long session received appraise from all guests and attendees. SEEK and ArcherEye aim to promote Pakistan’s language and culture through dialog, harmony and tolerance.

The organisers claim they work to,

“Encourage and convert virtual friendships to real personal friendships and raise a platform for Pakistanis without any religious, sectarian, linguistic, racial bias.”

SEEK Lahore

The second iteration of the meetup will be attended by people from the social media circle, media and literary society. Guests will be discussing the rise and fall of nations in context with Pakistan. Guests will also be speaking on several other topics during interactive sessions and speeches.

This social meetup will host prominent guests like Wajahat Masood, Aamir Khakwani, Dr. Asim Allah Bakhsh, Prof. Humayun Ihsan, Riayat Ullah Farooqi, Farnood Alam, Jean Sartre, Ramish Fatima, Mian Ijaz, Yad e Biza, Inam Rana, Azeem Ur Rehman Usmani, Ahmad Hammad, Arif Anis Malik and several others.

The Program

The event will include one-to-one interactive sessions, panel discussions, speeches and online sessions from UK.

Attendees will be offered dinner at Falleti’s Hotel during a mid-session break. People who attend the event from other cities will be offered accommodation at discounted rates by the organisers. Several publishers will also be present at the event offering books with up to 50% discount. A small calligraphy exhibition is also a part of the event.

How to Attend the Event

Date: The event will take place on 29 October 2016 at Falleti’s Hotel.

Time: 4 PM – 11:30 PM

Tickets: Tickets cost Rs. 1,500 (including dinner) while a 50% discount is offered for those who attended the first event. The tickets can be bought by contacting the organisers through their Facebook page or via the contact numbers provided. Join us at the event by contacting via the provided contact numbers or Facebook.

For more information, head to the event’s Facebook page here.

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