Facebook Revamps Safety Center With Bullying Prevention Hub & Urdu Support

With Twitter recently losing a buyout offer given its inability to control trolls, it seems like Facebook is keen to learn its lessons early. The company is revamping its Safety Center feature, the one it introduced back in 2010.

Safety Center now supports up to 50 languages, including Urdu, and is now available on mobile versions to aid accessibility. With the Safety Center, Facebook is encouraging “safe and secure sharing” for its 1.7 billion or so users.

“People come to Facebook to share some of their most important moments in life. We’ve built the Safety Centre to help people control their experience on our platform and feel safe being themselves.” Antigone Davis, Facebook’s head of global safety

To work with the Safety Center in tandem, the company is making its Bullying Prevention Hub, which is made in co-operation with Yale’s Center for Emotional Intelligence, available to all of its users. It is working with 60 non-profit organizations worldwide to make this feature more accessible to its users.

The Bullying Prevention Hub is targeted at teens, parents and educators to help eradicate bullying in their circles. It also offers specialized guides for particular groups, such as women, military families, baby boomers, and more. There are suicide prevention hotlines to help either you or an acquaintance.

Lastly, the company is offering guides and videos to help people boost their account’s privacy, report inappropriate posts, see who looks at their stuff and conduct regular check-ups.

Facebook’s Safety Center is a way of making sure the community continues to move forward in compliance with the community guidelines. With its networks quickly welcoming more people by the day, Facebook is making sure it also remains safe for people.

Image Source: Mashable

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