Don’t Dare to Miss this Ultimate Resource for HD Wallpapers at One Place

Writing for a blog you have to take care when using images for your posts. Using an image from a website without giving it due credit is sure to get you takedown notices from those websites. In extreme cases they may even sue you for using copyrighted images.

The Hunt For Non-Copyrighted Images

Most of the copyrighted images either need to be credited towards the original owner. Sometimes you also need to take the permission of the website or the blog you’re taking the image from. This can be a hassle especially if you’re doing multiple blog posts every day.

Another problem is finding the right images for usage. You can be careful not to use copyrighted images but at the end of the day its hard to find non-copyrighted photos or images online. What if there was an online platform for sharing images with no copyrights in the way?

Enter Unsplash

Unsplash is one such platform where photographers, graphic designers and ordinary people can upload their images for usage. All other users on the website can use the pictures as they are free to use. You can easily sign up on the website and use any of the images in any way you want to. This includes personal and commercial usage.


The images are of very high quality and are categorized according to different subjects. For example you may need an animal photo, no problem! You can find plenty of them on Unsplash. An image of a city’s skyline? No problem, its available on Unsplash.


The curators of the website select 10 photos which they feature in collections every 10 days. The curators are from different backgrounds so it adds variety to the collections they feature. Selection process of curators is described in the FAQ section on Unsplash,

Curators are chosen by our team. The criteria isn’t set in stone, but we generally look for people who have positively affected the culture of creativity or influenced creatives in their field.

Lastly, you can also upload images to Unsplash but keep in mind, doing so will mean any one on Unsplash can use it in any way they want to. You can delete uploaded images as well so it won’t be much of a problem.

Just head over to Unsplash to browse the images or to sign up/login to upload some images of your own.

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