60% Apple Devices Already Running iOS 10

One of the best things to come out of an ecosystem as tightly knit as Apple’s is the incredible OS update coverage from the manufacturer and things aren’t any different with the latest iOS version. The version 10 of Apple’s iOS is already up and running on 60-percent of all its devices worldwide.


That’s up by 6-percent since the time these figures were last revealed in October through the company’s developer support page. On second place is the aging iOS 9 which is running on 32 percent of all its tablets & phones, while earlier versions are currently running on just 8 percent of devices.

Apple released the figures in its ‘Hello Again’ event, with its target likely being Android, which has less than 1-percent of all users running on the latest version. Those running on the previous version (which would be Marshmallow) only amount to 19-percent of total devices, as phones continue to come out with versions such as Lollipop and older.

For the record, the OS gained a 22.31 percent market share just three days into its release, which was slower than iOS 9’s rollout, which amounted to 50-percent after the same period of time.

But this kind of speed doesn’t only help bragging rights, though. The newer software allows for a much better coverage of features and, of course, security threats. However, alleged intentional slowdown of older iPhones does beg the question, if Apple should even be forcing updates on older phones.