Apple Accused of Intentionally Slowing Down Older iPhones with iOS 9

Apple has been accused of deceptive trade practices and false advertising in the latest lawsuit against it. It has been stated that Apple falsely advertised iOS9 by promoting that it was compatible with older devices. Older devices, primarily iPhone 4s, have been significantly affected in terms of performance by the iOS9 update. Plaintiffs claim that Apple is wrong in its decision to stop users from downgrading.

iPhone 4S Users are Seething About the iOS 9 Update

The lawsuit has more than 100 backers giving their case more than adequate weight. All of them claim in the lawsuit that their iPhone 4s became practically unusable after the iOS 9 update. Members of the suit claim that app performance for both Apple and third-party apps was affected by the update, essentially bogging down the whole device to a stall. Some members claim they faced freezes and crashes while the rest of them claim they faced touchscreen lags as well.

Affecting device performance with the iOS 9 update is just one part of the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Apple was well aware of the problems that iPhone 4s users would face beforehand, via the testing phase, and yet the company intentionally went through with releasing the update. They say Apple even advertised things like increased performance and battery run-time as flagship features of the update. The plaintiffs state that Apple could have, at the very least, informed users about the potential problems.

Is iOS Making It Hard for Apple iPhone Users to Switch To Android?

The lawsuit doesn’t end there. Members of the suit claim that iOS has created such an ecosystem that users are far more likely to remain Apple consumers rather than switching to other platforms like Android. They argue that the closed ecosystem and non-transferable assets, like Apple Music and apps, mean that users have to either reinvest in another platform or remain an iOS user.

The lawsuit filers are claiming a sum of $5 million in damages to be paid by Apple. iOS 9 was criticised all over the internet for slowing down even the latest of devices. Apple fixed most of the issues with the 9.1 update but it seems people on older devices did not receive much performance gains despite Apple’s claims. Members of the suit are focused towards the term “planned obsolescence” from Apple.

Apple is being blamed for forcing people to either upgrade their phones or suffer slow and sluggish performance. Apple suffered another scandal not so long ago when the company started spamming users with older iPhones to upgrade their phones.

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  • This isn’t new. Apple had been doing planned obsolescence with their phones since forever. Hope they lose and have to pay through their teeth. Though $5 million is nothing for a company like Apple. If it was me, I would have asked for $5 billion so Apple could feel a little heat.

        • Me or you? I see that you have edited your comment entirely just when you saw that i have replied. Well this wont make any difference. Grow up.

          • Nope. Like I’m afraid to call an iTard an iTard. If that’s the best you can do, you need to try harder.

            • Hahah are you mentally ill or what? In morning you comment was ‘yes i have. It was worst experience of my life’. Later you changed it as above. I mean really. How can one person be that much dramatic. You are funny.

      • i have iPhone 4s on iOS 7.1.2,
        i want to use Google photos and Google keep on it.
        app store says i need iOS to install these Google apps.
        Will jailbreak update to iOS 8 slow down my phone?

        • It will man.. That’s why I sold 4S and bought 5S. Cause i updated 4S to iOS 8. But now there is a method to downgrade to iOS 6.1.3 on a 4s… I also have iPad mini 1, it’s same as 4s ( cpu and ram wise) so I’m strictly sticking to 7.1.2 on it… Do not update.

            • man , if you desperately want google photos and other stuff then you must upgrade to ios 9.2 … BUT I dont recommend installing ios 9 to 4S.

    • Well, real ifans actually sale and replace at least to second last model if not the latest. People still using iPhone 4s are not likely to be real ifans. Even Apple doesn’t care about them ;)

        • Okay, tell me something special, everybody knows this simple business logic, its not just Apple that as a company cares about its customer’s money and by they way that’s my money why do you care, why can’t you mind your own business?

  • But the iSheep will defend, argue and continue to buy more iPhones. Most of them will be like, dude have you even used a iPhone in your life? Well yes most of us did who speak against it and happily decided to throw it away as it’s a smartphone for dummies LOL

  • Why am I not surprised? This is very logical. If the old iPhones continue to work well, many users will not upgrade to a new iPhone – and hence, decline in sales.

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