Telenor Automate Lets You See Real-Time Insights for Your Car

Telenor Pakistan has launched Telenor Automate, an internet connected plug and play device that enables vehicle owners get real-time insights on exact location of the car.

Telenor Automate is extremely simple to install and operate. It works with vehicles, which are On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) 2.0 compliant. Currently, all cars produced and imported in Pakistan are OBD 2.0 compliant with minor variations.

The OBD standards are also followed in many high end commercial vehicles. The plug and play device is plugged in the OBD port located under the dashboard and has an array of sensors that makes it possible to run Car’s diagnostic and monitoring services. It uses GPS and an Internet enabled SIM to communicate the insights from Car to user’s Smart Phone App and Web Portal.

In addition to finding out car’s location anytime, owners can get details on how their car is driven, by themselves as well as by other drivers. Driving behaviors including Driver’s fatigue, harsh acceleration or deceleration, over speeding, sharp turning and idle time (how long the driver kept engine running on still car) are automatically calculated and shown as notifications on Smart Phone App and Web Portal.

With easy to understand insights, drivers can improve driving behaviors leading to a safer and economical experience. Customizable reports are available on web portal, especially built for Business to Business (B2B) fleet customers for efficient, safe, predictable and cost effective fleet monitoring and route planning.

First time in Pakistan, Telenor Automate also comes with a free of cost 3rd-Party car insurance for Automate enabled Cars. The 3rd party insurance will enable peace of mind for Automate customers in case of an unfortunate accident, offering other party compensation for the damages.

Bilal Kazmi, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan, said:

The device will go on to inspire responsible driving behavior and contribute immensely to road safety in Pakistan.

Telenor Automate is now available at all Telenor Sales and Service Centers across the country for Rs. 7,999 with Rs. 300 monthly subscription charges. The device will also be available with free 3rd party car insurance powered by the country’s foremost branchless banking, Easypaisa.

  • This is not a new concept, these tracker called OBD GPS TRACKER, if you search google there are lots of model available at very low price. I bought in 4000 PKR from open market and i am not paying any monthly fee and its working same way as these guys telling all you need a sim with some sms package because it communicate with phone via sms.

  • How could they be so daft. Suzuki Pakistan has intentionally made all the OBD ports in their cars to not work with any off the market devices so anytime a Suzuki owner in Pakistan has to get any kind of diagnostics he or she has no choice but to go to a dealership.

    This just feels like a gimmick.

    • Works with my suzuki. Some information is limited however most options work in my mehran. The app does give a disclaimer. It really gives precise location on my app. Thats what i mostly need. It does offer some cool behaviours.. worth it.

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