ACP 2016 Conference Holds Discussion On Agile Transformation for Companies

Third Agile Conference Pakistan #ACP2016 was held on 22nd October, 2016 at Islamabad, Pakistan. This year the conference theme was Agile Transformation. Around 250 delegates attended the conference.

The opening note was delivered by Mr. Suhail Iqbal, Chairman Pakistan Agile Development Society. He welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of Agile transformation as the need of the hour.

Mr. Syed Ahmad Ex Chairman PASHA and CEO DPL IT  spoke of his experiences as he used Agile transformation in his organization in late 2008/2009. He explained the importance of management buy in and organizational values while setting up a plan for Agile transformation. Agile moves around the core values of self organizing, commitment, trust, transparency and truth. Its more about the mind set change instead of adopting few rituals as being Agile.

While addressing the audience Mr. Javad Ahmad COO at Oracular IS LLC discussed strategies and recommendations for organizations which need real Agile organization. Agile should not be mixed with six sigma. Agile is an ideology rather than methodology and to go agile, one needs to undergo a change in mindset. Major responsibility lies with the management to make an organization go agile.

Afif Zaid and Mujeeb Zahoor shared a story of Agile success at S&P Global’s Pakistan office. The successful Agile transformation at their Islamabad office let them replicate it into 57 Scrum teams across the globe. The lessons they learnt were about being self-organized, empowering teams, helping and facilitating them to achieve the required goals.

While continuing the session after a break, Mr Ather Imran, president of Open Islamabad delivered a speech on importance of knowledge organizations. Intellectual organizations are more closely to the core theme of Agile principles of individuals, interaction, collaboration and responding to change. According to the speaker, agile is culture and a value system.

While elaborating further he shared 12 rules about Agile transformation in an organization which states that this change of mind set starts from top-down. Creating values and culture, ownership, transparency, flexibility, removing power and authority, and letting people self organize and engage into deliberate practice. The success of any activity, process or project lies in the leadership.

The next speech was delivered by Mohsin Lodhi, who is a corporate trainer. He highlighted the importance of leadership in the digital world. He stated:

Achieving success can only be possible by involving people into process and systems. Without involvement there is no commitment. Agile promotes people convenience by making them comfortable with more creative work norms. Avoid micro management as its a killer to creativity.

The final speech was delivered by Nabeel Anser. He shared his experiences while handling Agile transformation in different organizations. His to the point recommendations along with the practical aspect of applying Agile within team was received well by the audience.

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