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BMW Sets Up Pakistan’s First Public Electric Charging Station for Cars

Dewan Motors inaugurated Pakistan’s first public charging station for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at Emporium Mall in Lahore.

“Today is an important milestone for the BMW Group: not only does it mark the inauguration of the first public BMW charging station in Pakistan but also the first in the entire region. We call this service BMW ChargeNow,” said Mr. Johannes Seibert, Managing Director of BMW Group Middle East.

“Dewan Motors’ investment in this technology is a significant step in supporting the BMW Group’s vision to offer Electromobility internationally, and in providing easy access to charging stations for customers of our plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles,” he added.


By 2030, 60 % of the world’s population is expected to live in cities. When it comes to shaping future mobility, the BMW Group considers the entire value chain, offering innovative services and solutions to improve urban mobility.

Foreseeing the growth potential of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles in the country, Dewan Motors took the first step towards electric mobility in Pakistan by installing a BMW ChargeNow station. This is the first of the three stations to be installed by the end of this year.

BMW ChargeNow is a network of charging stations that provides BMW plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle owners with easy, quick and secure charging services.

“The latest BMW plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles offer even greater mobility than conventional Hybrid vehicles making it possible to have everyday motoring purely on electric mode with practically little to no requirement for fossil fuels”, said Mr. Dewan Mohammad Yousuf Farooqui, Chairman, Dewan Motors.

“Not only does this result in minimum to zero emissions; but also tremendous fuel savings. This as you know sir, has a direct and very positive impact on foreign exchange reserves of the country”, added Mr. Farooqui.



    • Filhal tou Trump Up ho gya hai. Lets see k yeh Investments chalti rehti hain ya rukk jati hain.

  • we make 70 percent of our electricity from fossil fuels. It is that electricity which will be channeled to such power stations. Not so much green btw

    • Yes we make our energy from fossil feul mostly.. But it can be easily switched,however gas cannot..we cant unfuck the climate ..its still a win

  • Who exactly is this station for? Are there even any BMW electric vehicle owners in Pakistan?

  • Idhr ghar man light nahe aati, ups mushkil say charge hota h, gari pta nahe kahan say charge hogi.

  • BC koi Mobile charging stops b banao jahan har company ka charger b available ho.

  • Solar enable chargers to charge Electric Cars are now also available. If some business man install a series of them at Highways / Super highway, it will be a boom and good investment opportunity to grab charging Electric Cars so commuting on the Road. These days fast charging also available which charges 80% within 15-20 minutes. Small petrol pump type stores can also be opened with these charges which will multiply investors earnings. Best of luck.

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