Google Data Studio Is A One-Stop Reporting Tool for Online Businesses

Organizing your data is always tedious task. It depends on the method or software you use to do it, but more often than not, it takes a lot of time.

A simple and easy way to organize and present the data is Google Data Studio. The data is easily readable and can be shared with anyone you want to. All of this is free to use as well. It should be noted that Google Studio is in beta right now.

Joao Correia, Director of Data insights, Blast Analytics and Marketing at Google, says,

“Google Data Studio marks the birth of a new era of how organizations consume, share, and use analytics data to drive insights and create even greater business value.”

Data Studio Features

Analytics data can be easily accessed through Google Data Studio. Furthermore if the data you have collected is in raw form (basic numbers and figures), you can easily transform it into easy-to-read statistics. You can work and collaborate on all of the data alongside your team. Your team can comment, edit, view and share the reports the same way you can.

Surveys, market analysis of an industry, employee performance etc. can be easily created, managed and presented through the Data Studio.

Data Studio provides:

  • A visual editor for easy creation of reports and dashboards.
  • A rich library of visualizations to reveal the real story behind the data.
  • Fully custom design and style controls so you can make it your own.
  • Reusable templates for fast, professional reports every time.
  • Dynamic and interactive report controls based on time periods, geographies, segments, or any other dimension available in your data.
  • Seamless integration between data, analysis, and reporting for easy workflows.

You can use data connectors, Google Adwords and Google Analytics to further simplify the data gathering process through the Data Studio as well.


Here’s a sample report created using the Google Data Studio. You can see how the interactive report works making it as easy as hovering your mouse over the data to see its details. The sample report is about the usage of web browsers and the sites they visit across the world.

Pricing Options & Details

As mentioned earlier, it is in beta stage right now. The free version is limited to 5 reports per month only and support is only available via the community forum or self service help centers. There can only be 1 report owner in the free version as well, not letting other users edit it.

The paid version comes with a monthly subscription payment model, which is settled directly once you contact Google’s sales team. It also comes with enterprise level support and service. The number of reports increase to ‘unlimited’ while report owners can be as many as 200 people.

You can sign up for Google Data Studio here.

Do you know of a better report making tool? Share in the comments below.

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