Green Pakistan Initiative Gets Rs 3.7 Billion to Enhance Tree Cover Across the Country

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s vision for a Green Pakistan has just seen a massive upgrade in terms of financial assistance. The Green Pakistan initiatives hopes to combat climate change by expanding the country’s tree cover all over the country.

According to official sources, Green Pakistan has been awarded country’s largest allocation of funds totaling Rs 3.7 billion. The funds will be provided to four provinces along with GB, Fata and Azad Jammu & Kashmir for tree cover.

The project was officially approved by Central Development Working Party (CDWP) yesterday. CDWP recently approved nine projects worth Rs4.72 billion. Sectors in the proposed projects included Education, Culture, Agricultural Engineering, Livestock, Women Development and Communication Sectors.

Greenery Under Threat

Speaking regarding the threats which surround Pakistan and the capital of Pakistan, Dushka Saiyid, one of the founding members of the Green Force said,

“Shakarparian, Bani Gala and the Margalla Hills were all part of the Margalla Hills National Park and formed the lungs of the capital city.

Bani Gala, the catchment area for the Rawal Lake, has already been lost and its legal status changed leading to the pollution of Rawal Lake, which feeds the citizens of Rawalpindi.

Shakarparian and the Margalla Hills National Park are now under attack by developers and the shortsighted policies of the CDA.”

Similarly, other cities are under threat too as there are no authorities overlooking the protection of greenery. As the capital and other cities look to upgrade their infrastructure, forests and other green areas are being torn apart.

The concern, however, has been taken in regard and with the help of the latest financial support, things look to improve.

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  • Everything is cool but I really hope that they plant local species that are native to the area instead of just planting fancy plants that requires more water. We don’t want to beautify the area but rather protect the biodiversity which in long run help everyone.

    • I totally agree with you buddy not Fancy But Climate Needed in Cities Mostly then Rural Area
      and Forests toooooooo


      Happy to see we are doing this Govt should do it now :)

  • Forests are very very important for the future of our country and our future generations
    They bring in more rains,prevent soil erosion,decrease pollution,decrease temperature,restore various endangered animals habitats etc.
    More More Money should be allocated to Reforestation in every budget.

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