PIA to Increase Flights to Jeddah

Daniyal Gilani, spokeperson for Pakistan International Airlines has stated that flights from major Pakistani cities to Jeddah will be increased to facilitate the growing number of passengers for this route.

To accommodate the growing numbers of passengers, PIA will now offer:

  • For Lahore: 5 Flights to Jeddah
  • For Islamabad: 4 Flights to Jeddah
  • For Multan: 3 Flights to Jeddah
  • For Faisalabad: 5 Flights to Jeddah

In a bid to facilitate pilgrims to the Holy cities, PIA has decided to cater to its customer base who wish to travel to Saudi Arabia for the same. The move is expected to be popular with religious tourists who can now take advantage of the increased flexibility and options available to them should they choose to fly with PIA.

  • A great step to facilitate the pilgrims. If its rates are made down then it would be a double joyful news for the pilgrims. Hope the national air lines will also maintain the timing tightly because this has mostly seen, PIA flights remain delayed. So need to be departed the flights on exact schedule and should teach the staffs how to behave the passengers as well. Because this has also observed in PIA staffs have no manners how to behave with passengers.

  • Aachi baat hai Umrah zaiereen ko aasani hogi, magar barah-e-karam fight timings ka khayal rakhain. Warna Haji jate hue ehram main mushkil main hote hain aur wapsi main Makkah se Jeedah ka safar kar ke aate hain aur travels wale kafi hours pehle chor jate hain airport par and agar flight late ho tu aur musibat.

  • Ane Ki Baten Howi Purani
    Khuda K Liye Ab Chaly Jao.

    PIA You sould be motivate your staff, your management, your flights, your time setting, once upon in a time PIA was a number 1 the world now they are no more in the list of top ten even top 50.

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